Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pearland Texas, Week 79: March 21, 2016 - March 27, 2016

Monday, March 28, 2016

We had a good week!! It was slower though. Things were kind of tough in the work sense this week. Spring break makes people busy busy. We had a great highlight of being able to see Brandon twice this week! He is doing really well. He loves the lessons and has good questions and is actually reading too! He also came to church for the second time. It was cool because we invited him to P-day with all the missionaries today. We thought he would like to get out of the house since its just him and his sister in law and no work haha. Also, all missionaries are his age pretty much. He unfortunately couldn't make it due to not having a car and no ride available. But his sister in law will try again next week.

We had another cool miracle of being able to see a less active part member family that can be way tricky to contact. We went over for the first time in almost a month. We had a cool Easter lesson with the husband after watching the church's new Hallelujah Easter Initiative. Did you ever see that? You totally should if not. Very powerful and family centered. Go to''. That guy (Brooks) said we could even come back to see his wife. We asked if we could come the next day when we would have multiple priests on splits with us and do splits and we asked if we could let them practice the lessons with them. Brooks surprisingly was open to it even though his wife is still hesitant of the church. It never worked out the next day because she got home too late but big faith and courage for Brooks this week.

We also got a new investigator named Robert who is an ex gang banger and is in a wheel chair after a shoot out. He's so down to earth and sweet though. He's quite the man. He's 35. He had met the sister missionaries because they work up there trying to find Spanish speakers. He loved what we do and accepted the Book of Mormon. He started reading even before we went to meet him!! When we met him we just kind of recapped and said we would go through the restoration pamphlet next time and read with him.

We got to see Elizabeth this week. We stopped in and saw her at work actually. She works at a home builder office. We had a good chat and she is still interested. She just got better from being sick and now way busy. We plan to go see her and husband this Thursday.

We got to help out with an eagle project this week as well. That was some rigorous service. We had to dig a three foot deep hole being a foot and half wide. We're going to install some fancy yard swings by a pool. Its at the place I used to go to in my last area where some older people own a big ranch and they let cancer patients and family stay while they are going to the MD Anderson hospital downtown. So,  we had a tough time because two of the four holes were right next to an old giant tree and the hole was infested with roots. It was too narrow for us to use the ax and chop them out so Elder Dawe and I volunteered to get in and just slice them with the shovels. That was hard, haha. It was like an intense tricep P90 workout. We had to chop over and over and as hard as we could to get them out. Eventually we got big posts in and next week we will put together the top runner board and the bench swing.

We still volunteer at the shelter. We try to go 1-2 times a week. Nothing else is really on a regular basis. Just lots of members that could use a hand on serious or not so serious projects too.

Man I forgot that I had even hit my 18 month mark haha. I didn't burn anything, no worries. I've never done it and not too much of a fan of it. I like to keep all my stuff. Things are awesome. Were busy and were loving the people we teach. about to see Stephen today or tomorrow!

Love ya!

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