Monday, March 28, 2016

Pearland Texas, Week 72: February 1, 2016 - February 7, 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016

We had a rockin week!!! Lots of cool miracles came about. The kiddos are good for their baptism this weekend!! The grandpa has healed and is ready to baptize em!! We had the Monette family from the ward bring the kid they brought to church last time, this week again and he liked it even more. He actually bore his testimony in church!! Like what?!! Who does that? Super awesome. We had a cool experience where we were able to go see a less active dude we have only talked to a couple times and Saturday his wife was there. Got to meet her and we showed them a Mormon message where apostles testified of the Atonement of Christ. They liked it. I asked "In what ways have you seen Christ lift you in your lives?" Brooks, the dad had a good answer on growing up. She (Leigha) said she has yet to have a spiritual experience like that. But that is totally cool because that makes us want to work even harder in going over to see them once a week and they said they would come to church this week.

Got to meet with Sis Radamacker again!! She was doing pretty good. We shared a key verse in the Book of Mormon and discussed it for a minute. Her husband, Bill was right with us too. That was a first and a biiigggg step because he used to not talk to missionaries. We got to help some members learn more about family history because on Sunday, the mom was leading a family history workshop. That was fun. Andrea couldn't make it to church. We just talked to her on the porch for a minute. We're gonna help her with homework on Wednesday and read Book of Mormon.

Didn't quite get to have a FHE with the Moratayas and Monettes, but something almost as good came up along those lines. Rick invited us over to have dinner with him and Brooke at their place. We were stoked!! It went great. We showed a Mormon message on trials and overcoming them. Both enjoyed it. Rick wants to come to church now. Renee is doing better!! She helped us a ton and told us her main concern. I thought it was that she didn't like organized religion but its just that she doesn't know why Jesus is so important, hah. So thats a fat concern. But we like it because we can now have a bomb lesson and she can pray on it. Its pretty cool, tomorrow I get to go on a Chinese exchange!! One of my DLs is a Chinese Elder. I'm pretty excited for this. We recently have been getting so many bible referrals. We ran out of the bibles at one point. Keeps us busy, its just hard to get those that will allow us back.

The most satisfying experience I have had on my mission is watching people get baptized. There is the true joy the apostles promised in the call letter. It feels like they just get over the obstacles of life and know the gospel the way I do. Such a spiritual experience and its also accomplishing. I love to give blessings as well. When people are just full of gratitude and they had no one else to turn to at the time, its sweet. I have a huge testimony of prayers getting answered. that also is way satisfying watching the Lord's hand come down and make things better. Such as companions improving, more unity, knowing where to go, people coming to church, having all the small things work out that maybe wouldn't have.

The weather has been nice. Its kinda neutral warmth but the wind can be cold when that blows. Hot hot starts around June but it'll be hot by end of March I'm sure, crazy. Thats cool to hear it snowing so much over there. Thats awesome. Everyone here brings it up knowing where im from. But, things are really good. We are just moving along!

Love you,
Elder Deans

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