Friday, February 26, 2016

Pearland Texas, Week 67: December 28, 2015 - January 3, 2016

Monday, January 4, 2016

We had quite the week!! As always,  the good and the not so amazing. Our good highlights were that we found a new investigator. His name is Derrick. He's an old black baptist preacher. But, he's actually pretty interested and impressed, so things go well then he gives an accepting "amen" It's almost in like a sigh tone of voice, gotta love it. I got to paint a dinner table chair while the others taught the Restoration with him. Thanks pops for helping be able to do that!! Experience leads to performance.

Another highlight was that we got to see a less active sister that we had been waiting for her arrival back into Pearland after a big vacation. We watched a Mormon message on goals and not looking back on the past and she enjoyed it. She offered lots of cookies to us. Her name is Sis Radamacker. We also had a plus in the fact that we had a ward missionary come teach with us one day. But, on the down side we weren't able to get in contact with any other investigators. Lots of people aren't home or they just dont want to see us anymore. But, we worked really well with the ward in gaining trust and setting plans to find more people with them.

 New Years Eve we had dinner with the Merkley family again and took some pictures and videos dressed in lais and New Years party hats with blower thingys. That was pretty fun. We had to be in by 7 this year, so then we were at the apartment and the comps went straight to bed while I wrote in my journal and calculated zone mileage haha. This trend happens a lot. I often am the last one working or awake. A lot of times I have to be mister reminder and waker upper. We get along great though, yes. We have scuffles and gripe moments but were all very open and willing to figure stuff out.

President Hall actually came and did a companioship study with us this week to help us get more out of them He showed us planning tips and afterward told us that none of us would be transferred. Those are next week. And after a big MLC, the Brethren in SLC told all the missions that there are to be no more transfer meetings. So we went over that. That was a no no because it was no where in the handbook and it eats up too much time. So now its all done by email on monday morning and missionaries will know all the info through email like companion and area and so on. President told us that we would stay together at least one more transfer. Gave us a sneak peek.

Oh... and big big news. The Tyler family got baptized!!! I got to baptize Emily and Glover and Carter did the rest. That was my first baptism ever haha. It was incredible. Got me on a spiritual high

The weather is finally winter weather. its a great feel. Its been breezy and wet like you saw. For us this is cold stuff. The jacket is definitely used. Brooke, the one who came to the Christmas party cancelled on us again but she promised to read and pray while she was out. So thats awesome. But it was a funky week. Ready to rock this one and teach more often.

Love ya!
Elder Deans

The Tylers

Elder Deans in his cowboy gear

Pearland Texas, Week 66: December 21, 2015 - December 27, 2015

Monday, December 28, 2015

This week was just one of a kind!! Obviously it was my last Christmas as a missionary, so that was odd. But we just had a party filled week but also had some good normal proselyting and teaching.

We had our Mission Christmas Conference on Tuesday and that was amazing!! We had powerful teachings from the recently released temple president and wife, and the Halls. I loved them. The Halls spoke a lot about the kind of love both Heavenly Father and The Savior have. I can definitely testify that they have perfect perfect love for every single one of us. They have mercy and hope and compassion and interest. We even got to watch Inside Out as a break after all the trainings before dinner. That movie is bomb. Made me laugh.

We had Christmas Eve with the Johnstun family. We went over for dinner and ended up staying there all night because we didn't have any other plans and we thought it would be tough to start contacting in the evening before Christmas. But that was a good ol night. We read out of Matthew, the account of the nativity in the first two chapters. Then the girls performed some hula for us! That was pretty cool. they're only like 9 and 11. Then they gave us each a Christmas present. We got socks, ties, junk food. It was very nice.

Christmas, we woke up at 6 and opened our presents from Santa and parentals. That went very well. We went to some members house named the Chandlers for breakfast and they even got us multiple presents!! Got a RC car, tie, food, and a key chain decoration they made. The ward members are super awesome possum here as you can tell. Later we had dinner and Skyping home with the Merkley family. We got to help cook a traditional Mexican Christmas feast. A couple other families came over too and we had a great time. We watched cool Christmas messages and music videos and then we played a few songs on guitar. Time really did go by way fast when we were Skyping. I loved it as well and we still got one more Skype holiday coming up

I can't believe how cold it is there. That would kill me if I just landed back in Utah. Im freezing at 45 degrees over here. The weather is finally deciding to act like the season of winter and go down. This week will feel more like Christmas which is nice but makes me ticked because its a week late.

We found some new potentials this week just by street contacting and also checking on former investigators, so thats a little exciting. I'll keep ya posted. But things are grand over here in the urban sprawl of Pearland.

Love ya!
Elder Deans

Pearland Texas, Week 65: Ecember 14, 2015 - December 20, 2015

Monday 21, 2015

Merry Christmas!! I'll be seeing you very soon. We will be with the Chandlers and the Merkleys on Christmas and maybe even a couple more. But Chandlers are doing breakfast and the Merkleys are doing dinner. We will Skype at the Merkleys. It'll be around 1 o'clock for you and 2 here. I just asked her to email or contact you and set stuff up. We will be skyping for 40 minutes to ya'll. Very happy that'll happen!

We had a good 'ol week!! We worked our hardest this week. We worked more than ever in this area. We taught a less active sister whose husband is a non member and she came to our ward Christmas party the next day!! We teach her because the husband isn't too interested and we decided she can be strengthened and that will help him be more interested. We also found a new investigator named Tequisha who was a referral from a way old but sweet lady in our ward. They're neighbors. We haven't quite taught a full lesson yet but we talked on the porch one time and then we talked a few times on the phone with her. She is ready to learn more and she's very polite. She just has been crazy busy because of work to help the kids. Marvin isn't doing too hot. Haven't heard anything from him since last time I emailed ya. So right now we just have Tequisha and also another part member family named the Paradas that are doing okay. Haven't heard from the Tylers. The baptism is probably coming soon though

We also had our ward Christmas program yesterday in which we sang with the ward choir. That was bomb!! We sounded pretty good for only 4 practices. We sang 'Still Still' and 'On a Still and Starry Night'.

Our Mission Christmas Conference will be tomorrow!! Super stoked. I'll also be performing the hymn There is a Green Hill Far Away. I'll try and get a video to ya. What we do there is... well, we start with talks, trainings, choir performances. Then we have movie time, then lunch/dinner and then the talent show and then the 2015 slideshow and then gift exchange. .

How did you like Star Wars? Ive heard some about it. I heard that people around here couldn't even get tickets because they were sold out weeks in advance haha. how bad was it there? seems like it wasn't too bad because Glen went a bunch and you guys already saw it as well. I would love to see it 3 times right when I get home.

Love you!
Elder Dean

No one would be the donkey in the nativity presented at the Ward Christmas Party

So, Elder Deans to the rescue!!

New Comps Elder Evans (left) & Elder Dawe