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Pearland Texas, Week 66: December 21, 2015 - December 27, 2015

Monday, December 28, 2015

This week was just one of a kind!! Obviously it was my last Christmas as a missionary, so that was odd. But we just had a party filled week but also had some good normal proselyting and teaching.

We had our Mission Christmas Conference on Tuesday and that was amazing!! We had powerful teachings from the recently released temple president and wife, and the Halls. I loved them. The Halls spoke a lot about the kind of love both Heavenly Father and The Savior have. I can definitely testify that they have perfect perfect love for every single one of us. They have mercy and hope and compassion and interest. We even got to watch Inside Out as a break after all the trainings before dinner. That movie is bomb. Made me laugh.

We had Christmas Eve with the Johnstun family. We went over for dinner and ended up staying there all night because we didn't have any other plans and we thought it would be tough to start contacting in the evening before Christmas. But that was a good ol night. We read out of Matthew, the account of the nativity in the first two chapters. Then the girls performed some hula for us! That was pretty cool. they're only like 9 and 11. Then they gave us each a Christmas present. We got socks, ties, junk food. It was very nice.

Christmas, we woke up at 6 and opened our presents from Santa and parentals. That went very well. We went to some members house named the Chandlers for breakfast and they even got us multiple presents!! Got a RC car, tie, food, and a key chain decoration they made. The ward members are super awesome possum here as you can tell. Later we had dinner and Skyping home with the Merkley family. We got to help cook a traditional Mexican Christmas feast. A couple other families came over too and we had a great time. We watched cool Christmas messages and music videos and then we played a few songs on guitar. Time really did go by way fast when we were Skyping. I loved it as well and we still got one more Skype holiday coming up

I can't believe how cold it is there. That would kill me if I just landed back in Utah. Im freezing at 45 degrees over here. The weather is finally deciding to act like the season of winter and go down. This week will feel more like Christmas which is nice but makes me ticked because its a week late.

We found some new potentials this week just by street contacting and also checking on former investigators, so thats a little exciting. I'll keep ya posted. But things are grand over here in the urban sprawl of Pearland.

Love ya!
Elder Deans

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