Monday, November 9, 2015

Alvin Texas, Week 55: October 5, 2015 - October 11, 2015

Monday, October 12, 2015
Im doing great!! We had a miraculous week. People WANT the gospel all of a sudden. We are blessed. Tons of people to keep track of as well. We had 9 investigators in church!!! New mission record for me!! It was all because of two awesome families. So... if you remember a while ago, I talked about a golden family that we taught on P-day right before emailing. Then later we weren't able to teach them anymore. Well.. we just texted the mom, Angela this week and apparently we texted just at the right time. She said their family was going through way hard times. She talked to us on the phone quite a bit. We eventually went over and talked to her and gave her a blessing. She has a best friend from another ward close by that has been helping her and us this whole week. We got to teach her and the whole family again on Saturday. We had dinner and then taught the big crew about the Plan of Salvation, went awesome!!! They want the church in their life. They see this trial and us responding as a sign they gotta get on board and get baptized!! We also gave the daughter Kirsten a blessing that night too. They came to church the next morning 25 mins early, haha. They are sooo awesome. They had a good time and liked fast and testimony meeting.

We also had Shannon and Ronnie, a cool couple, come to church after a good lesson and they brought their kids too. Elder Glover sat by them and I was by the Tyler fam. But, I think both families had a great week. Both will be ready for more lessons and church again they say. We have been blessed incredibly lately. The work is heating up quick and we feel like God trusts us more.

I also got to go on an exchange with a new elder to the Spanish area, that was awesome. Spoke a lot of Spanish, some good and some not so good. But hey, I learned a ton!!! They said I did a good job and I felt like it. I can pray in spanish now and I'm somewhat conversational. Elder Glover and I will probably be together another transfer here. Transfers will be figured out next week. We dont know yet.Will let you know. .

That is so awesome to hear about the Utes!!! They make me proud. They are killer. I've been hearing a lot about the Astros, yes. They are good too. Nice to hear about the ward. That is way weird that I'm next in the ward to give a homecoming talk, haha. I am enjoying things over here for sure. Don't worry. Not too stressed. I'm doing swell. Thanks for everything!!!

Love ya tons,
Janz, Elder Pantz








Alvin Texas, Week 54: September 28, 20215 - October 4, 2015

Monday, October 5, 2016

This week was fantastic!!!!! Obviously we had conference which was a highlight. That was a way good conference. Gotta love the prophet and apostles. I cried when Elder Holland talked about mommas, that was bomb. I miss you. But we even had Eric B. come and see some of conference with us at the church. That was a miracle. Conference wasn't the same huh? ha ha Hopefully it was still good even without me on there. We had Eric B. come to see conference

The zone is doing a lot better. The elders are doing lots better and they had a pretty hard working week. So, my duties did calm down this week a lot. I wasn't preoccupied whatsoever. Just the usual few calls and reporting and accounting at the end of days and last night. It was a blessing to not worry about the zone this week. We just had a good 'ol time and worked here and focused here.

We got to do some sweet service for an old guy that bishop here knows. We went out to his place and helped him plant
into his patch out back. Felt like a farmer. We did like hundreds of cauliflower plants and spinach. The old guy was hilarious. We also showed his wife how she can watch conference since she likes the MOTAB.

Actually another cool zone leader thing we got to do was interview a whole family for baptism. I got to interview the mom and
her teenage son. That was an amazing experience. I absolutely love doing those interviews. I just love people!!! It was so good to see them want to come unto Christ through baptism and want to join his church so bad. I heard the baptism went awesome as well. Unfortunately I couldnt make it.

So theres nothing really too exciting with our investigators right now. We're trying to get new ones. None of
them are really on fire like some of them have been. But it will be okay. We did some finding and we also worked with the ward through members and less actives this week. Something that i didnt realize, because ya'll are so awesome, is that some parents just don't care and don't email their missionaries that much. soo.... thank you for all you do and the couriosity.

The weather is also cooling here!!! I bet it gets chilly at night there. I actually broke out my sweatshirt the other day haha. Iit was chilly when we got back from a farm doing service. I'm such a baby now. I think I will be out of here with transfers, yes. I have a weird feeling I'm going back up to Houston, its scary. Transfers will be in a week in a half. Seems like I needa move on as well. My companion needs to learn this town and love these people more, but he's doing great. Thanks for everything you do, honestly.


Love you tons,
Elder Deansy



Alvin Texas, Week 53: September 23, 2015 - September 27, 2015

Monday, Seotember 28, 2015
So this week was better!!! But it was also harder in different ways. Some highlights of the greatness were that we got to see Jenny again. She's a pretty good investigator and we hadn't seen her in like a week. We had a way cool lesson after hearing that she had a miscarriage. We talked about the plan of salvation and how her family will be strong and blessed for dealing with that trial. She really likes me, haha. She keeps asking me to pray and says she loves what I say. She hasn't come to church yet, but we're working on it. We got to see Eric B. As usual, nothing new for him. He's good though. We are making progress with a couple named Dwayne and Jade. They are two young kids that go to the college nearby. They are way sweet. They love the Book of Mormon and they almost came to our church tour.

We also had a super cool service oppurtunity this week. We worked at Forgotten Angels. It's a place where they take care of people with mental disabilities. We helped them work on their back lot and garden. A few other guys and I almost built a whole shed for them. Gotta give thanks to you Pops for always making me work with tools and do projects at the house. It was awesome. We got to work along side with some of the handicapped people staying there.They were adorable. Gave them hugs as we left.

But now for the scary and enduring part of the week. This week was also hard because I was stressed in the beginning, We have some really disobedient elders that we and President are working with, we're almost baby sitting. And we had a good elder start running away late at night this week. sooooo... zone leader life is great hahaha. It's fine though. We learn tons and grow from all this. I actually cried a bit this week with Elder Glover after the elder ran away and we all made it home safe. I was just so relieved. Missions are critical for our people we help, but also so much for US. I prayed my heart out that night and we felt better. The church is true! But, things are A-okay now. President is helping a lot and is very informed. We just have a hard time focusing on our area when the zone needs so many things and we have to be on the phone all day solving things, supporting people and blah blah blah. But its fine! Just how it has to go. Another chapter of my life haha.

Thats funny people think I've been out less than a year. I can see where they're coming from. It depends on my mood how long it feels like i've been out. For the most part, it feels like 6 to 7 months. But if things are rough, it feels like 2 years already haha. Oh the Astros game was superb. They lost, but it was crazy that we were missionaries and hanging out at an MLB game, felt wonky. Things are great. Working hard and being safe. Comp is doing good too.

Love you!



Photos from Elder Deans

Elders Deans, Waite, Theis and Beveridge at the Houston Astros Game

Elder Deans, Waite, Theis and Beveridge at the Houston Astros game



Elder Glover and Elder Deans, first day together

Mr. Eric Brader (we had a jam session)
Miniatures (right by Ward Mission Leader

Typical Texas Sunrise

Alvin Texas, Week 52: September 14, 2015 - September 22, 2015

Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Hahaha, elephant in the room... Dang, ya'll make me feel so old. I just barely started my mission! I'm a year young and won't be home in forever!!! haha. It's so weird that I'm about to hit my one year mark. Thats just crazy. I dont wanna go home, haha, I wanna stay out here longer! But, there will be a lot of changes and growth for me in this next year. Should be awesome.

This week for us was insane. We did so much. It was also kind of hard on me too. We were swamped with administrative work and communicating with our large zone in our only free time. Spent a lot of time calling and working at apartment in our free time, doing paper work and helping disobedient missionaries. twas nuts. Then, during the week we didn't have tons of success. But good news is that I'm still here and the area does still have good things going! So, im totally okay now. Just ready for a good 'ol P-Day. We're about to go see the Astros play today, wooooo hooooo!!! I'm stoked.

This week we did not pack the church full of investigators haha, nope. We had Ashley, our newest investigator. She had a good time. We're good friends with her and the Renfroes who she is staying with. The Renfroes are in our ward. I've known them for a while, awesome peeps.

Eric B is doing good. Just waiting for that silly head to DO something haha. We see him often though. Had a jam session on guitar and bass this week and then read the Book of Mormon with him and talked about what he needs to do to get through these trials and get dunked.

Next best investigator would be Eric V. He all of a sudden got more 'investigatory' and wants to start acting. He wants to play basketball with us every week and then come to church. We had a powerful powerful lesson with him and I went into his house for the first time, woo hoo, in forever. We taught him about the importance of trusting our Heavenly Father. He actually asked about what converted me to wanna live the gospel and I shared with him some of my hardships in life and how I have had to really think and then have more faith. It was cool. haha

We actually got to stack hay this week. We went out to a massive field the other day for service and helped some members. We stacked 100 bails of hay on their truck and trailer. That was awesome. It was so Texas, loved it. But, we're doing good here!! Things are gonna catch on fire soon! We gotta dunk em!

Love ya,

Pantz, Elder Janz






Alvin, Texas: Week 51: September 7, 2015 - September 13, 2015

Monday 09/14/15
Sooooooo... Results of transfers were that I got Elder Glover. Hes been out just over a year and he's from Kanab, UT. Way down south. I got to know him more and just show him how I am and then the magic started happening and I knew this transfer was good. Turns out he's a huge rocker. Likes and listens to everything that I did. Even Slipknot, which is hilarious to talk about out here. But were having fun.

We saw some awesome things this week. Oh and just a funny little thing... we went out with a recent returned missionary and I may or may not have heard a little Breaking Benjamin and RED!!! it was crazzzyzyyyyy. He was teasing me and showed me snip its of their new stuff. He was a funny dude. That was hard though, haha. It's weird having a missionary brain now. My new companion is super. He works way hard. We get along great becuase we both like rock/metal a lot and we just have fun all day. His name is Elder Glover from Kanab, UT.

But, as far as the work goes, nothing too exciting happened this week. Biggest progress we saw was that we were able to have Eric Brader actually come to more than one hour of church!!! He hasn't done that in a month or more. That was awesome. But, we gotta get more of them there. That's my goal for next week, pack the church with non members. But, we keep finding new investigators every week to replace the lame ones

We also found a new investigator named Brooklyn who's like 25 or so and we taught her the restoration out front of her apartment. went super well. We taught very simply and she was way interested. She wants to be baptized. We just need to extend a date for that and see her again tomorrow. We also saw some miracles as far as less active work too. Got to see Merri Bardwell again. I think I told you about her. She's a lady we met a couple weeks ago. We saw her this week and had another solid lesson. Told her to not stress so much and just take the gospel step by step. Start with one thing she is struggling with instead of all them. It was way cool.

So we're doing pretty good. Staying way busy. especially with zone leader work too. We just had our zone merge with another one, so I'm taking over two zones now. Its been hectic but pretty fun to have that responsibility and watch over all those missionaries. I have like 26 that I help now. I think thats so awesome that you are talking to Ceteka and Debbie. I love when Moms unite haha its silly. Thanks for everything. I really appreciate how cool you are. Miss ya'll tons. Keep having fun and showing it to me!


Love you!

Pantz, Elder Janz



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