Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Memorial City, Week 20: February 2, 2015 - February 8, 2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

Man... I have been dang sick. I’ve got a cough, chest congestion and nose congestion. But, I’ve been taking medicine and haven’t let it stop me at all. Some people stay in for that, but I’m glad I’ve been able to stay out. Got more cold meds today and feeling better, don’t worry.

But howdy hey! Did you get a letter from pres about me training? I’m about to be a 'dad'! President called on Thursday and told me the Lord has asked me to be a trainer for a brand new missionary and was wondering if i was up for it. It was kinda funny. I responded " oh!... yeah i guess! IIt was just nuts and I couldn’t believe it. It’s really neat though because this is what I wanted. Usually things like this come when you aren’t expecting or don’t want them. I wanted something to stretch myself. I wanted to get close to a companion, feel more responsible, be looked up to.  It’s amazing that the Lord has trusted me with this and believes I can do it. We had a training on Friday that got me so pumped. I have been and will be praying a lot more, ha ha.  I pray for this new kid that he can be ready to work and that I can show him all the love that I have for him.

And this week was awesome. Things were good. Had more fun with the companion. Had a chance to work my area with my zone leaders and show them what I got. I met some new peeps on the street, just need to get lessons in now, and taught less actives. But, Eva... so, we met with her this week. No she hasn’t been baptized. She still isn’t committing to it yet. Tomorrow,  I’ll see if she can accept a date so we have something specific to go for. But this week she actually looked up some anti material, yikes! It was bad news. We were just eating dinner there and she told us she had done some research. She pulled out some negative stuff that crazy people wrote and wanted answers from us. She was mostly worried about polygamy. We explained why that came about, that we don’t have it today and that when we want to do research, we need to consult the Lord and not with the internet. But, we helped resolve concerns, I hope. Her husband said we handled it well. We also taught about temples, family history and eternal marriage. That went great. She thought it was very interesting. She’s the only investigator we’re working with. Johnny is who knows where, Brian is too busy and all the other people we met, we only had a short talk with and are waiting to get a sit down lesson with. But, we had a miracle yesterday. Some lady came up to us and was way interested in the church and started asking questions. Turns out she already has a Book of Mormon and watches BYU tv, go figure. So,  I’ll get goin on that.

But, it was just a good week. Basketball went awesome. Taught a sweet lesson on priesthood and missionary work. The guys enjoyed it and kind of got an eye opener of what the gospel can turn men into. Then, I actually played ball with them again!  I haven’t played with them for a while. But, this time, I did way good. Scored a handful of times. It’s probably because the Spirit and the lesson got me all riled up! So,the guys were way impressed with how I played and I gained more respect in that sense. 

My companion left today! Ya, he needed to go. He got trunky. He worked hard though. He wasn’t a pain, but he just was so excited and stressed about it. I’m very excited about training the new missionary from the <MTC!  It was a great week, had lots to do and had positive experiences. 

Love you,

Elder Janz