Friday, November 28, 2014

League City, Week 9: 11/17/14 - 11/23/14

Monday, November 24, 2014

Another crazy week. Weather is still so dark and rainy. We have a weird thing here... sometimes the clouds decide to tease us and instead of rain just blanket the city with mist. It gets everywhere and you cant see, especially when driving. But yesterday and today have been warm and sunny so it’s good to have both.

Monday, I went out with a member while my companion helped at our FHE activity which was basketball. We went to visit people and the first stop we made was at an old folks home. I met an old lady named Alma Laurie and she has paintings in the Vatican! She’s a renowned painter! She has Parkinson disease and cant talk or remember much but she was an angel. That’s what I kept thinking. She was so happy to have visitors. I gave her a blessing before we left and it was a very spiritual experience.

We also visited other families and i lead out the night. it was good to have responsibility and show that i can be a leader. Tuesday, we did an exchange and I had another major leader opportunity. Elder Walker, my MTC companion, came to my area for the day. So, obviously we’re gaining trust because were just young hooligans. But, we had a super day! We taught 5 lessons! A few weeks ago, Elder Ve'e and I said hi to a guy as we walked around this one apartment complex and just talked to him for a minute. I decided with Elder Walker to go check on that guy because we hadn’t seen him. He had potential and I knew by the Spirit that he could become Christlike. So, we went to his place. He wasn’t home, but his wife answered and said we could come back that night. So later, we called a member to come with us and we taught this family. Their names are Dave and Kasey and they have a 4 year old boy, Levi. The first lesson went really well. Left them with a Book of Mormon and Restoration pamphlet. This family is great. During the lesson, they were so curious and willing to hear everything we had to share. Elder Ve'e and I stopped by again a few days later and they were about to head out to see some family. But, we quickly followed up on the Book of Mormon and what they were thinking. Kasey read the Book of Mormon chapter we gave them, Dave didn’t have time to read,  but just knows it can change his life and loves The Lord. We extended a baptismal invite and they accepted. They”re gonna be baptized Dec 20!  They’re doing really good. We told them about church on Sunday and they came! We had 6 investigators at church. Gotta love these people. This family is golden. It’s what they've been waiting for. They have the faith they just needed to know how to act with that faith.

Thursday, I had another exchange because of MLC for my companion and elder i went on exchanges with companion. We were in his area. That day was a toughy. It was rainy rainy rainy. and we had to bike it all. We made brownies for some families and delivered them in the midst of the storm. I got bugged because i was getting so wet at first. But, then I realized that’s just how it’s going to be and I got so wet it looked like i was swimming is my dress clothes. At that point, we were just having fun with it and kept looking at each other and laughing. The Lord showed me that i can do hard things. I kept thinking how much stronger I would be and how much more love it showed when we arrived at those houses.

Ashley will be baptized in 5 days!! Way exciting. We still haven't got the details for the time, program or who's baptizing. We'll figure it out tomorrow. She’s doing so good. She’s living the word of wisdom, quick cigarettes and coffee cold turkey. Usually, it’s coffee every morning and a few cigs a day. But, she’s doing it, through the Atonement. I text her every morning to check on her. I want to baptize her, just barely decided. My companion is good at blessings, so I want to be in all white with her and do the outward ordinance. She came to church yesterday even though she had a migraine. We gave her a blessing that the pain would go and that she would continue to prepare for the baptism on Saturday.

I was at the hospital last night and this morning. We went to see our neighboring ward mission leader.  We see all the time and drive him around, go to dinner with, he even teaches with us and he runs our FHE activities. But, he had a mini stroke yesterday at church and went to the ER. We didn’t hear about it until nighttime, so we went to see him after our dinner at a member’s. He’s okay. He has lots of pain and his left side and left eye are a little messed up, but it might come back. He looked a lot better today than yesterday. The hospital is doing their best. But that’s my crazy week.

Things are fun. We got dinner at a member’s for Thanksgiving this week. It should be splendid,  time to gain weight while everyone else worries about working it off. I got the package, yes. Thank you for the card reader. I’ll send lots of pics next week, baptism pics included. Way to go Jordan, That’s way fun! I’d love to go to something like that. I’ll be at the Velascos for Thanksgiving. They live close to the church and I know the dad pretty well. So, I’ll have a good week. I miss you too. Holidays are better with family, but whatever, love knows no bounds

Love ya
Elder Janz