Thursday, November 13, 2014

League City, Week 7: 11/03/14 - 11/09/14

Monday, November 10, 2014

Had a great week last week! The people are awesome down here. We invited Ashley to a baptism last night, but she was covering for someone at work and she’s working a ton. She made it to sacrament and we told her before that that was more important than seeing a baptism, so she chose that one. She has been to church twice now. She is making so much progress. I help her when she comes and I think she loves coming. I invited her to live the word of wisdom in a lesson a while back. She struggles with it, but she'll get help from the Garza’s. They are the family she always hangs with that are members. We always teach her at the Garza’s and they are becoming more active because of it. So, two birdies with one stone is ideal right now. So, we talked to Ashley about how through Christ you can overcome addiction and receive tons more blessings instead. We also had a powerful atonement lesson with her where we looked at the atonement in a whole different way. We talked about how Christ came to suffer and die for us so that we can live a happier life and even partake in eternal glory. But we explained that since he died for us, who killed him? Who killed Jesus Christ? Our message was to show that we essentially killed him since he died for us willingly. We can ease his suffering by being obedient, and when we do mess up, speedily repent because he has already felt so much pain for us and he doesn't need to hold that feeling because of our wicked ways. Interesting huh? We also taught that to members and related it to the sacrament and the Law of Moses and animal sacrifices. It’s a way powerful lesson.

We had the temple this week. I drove down Monday night and we stayed at an apartment closer to Houston. Then, at 4:30 the next morning, drove to the temple and it was way cool seeing downtown, skyscrapers and bright lights. Now I can say I’ve driven downtown and back and know the major freeways. There was one point when I was the only one awake in the car, which is not good at all. My companion and the elders we were giving a ride were out while I’m driving among some psycho drivers and in pouring rain. It was scary, but I just stayed calm and kept my eyes forward, I had to. Later I just laughed because no one even knew. Plus they kept doing the 'head bob'. The temple was a success and we received many blessings throughout the week. That’s way sweet you saw the temple. Looks really good in person. I saw it in the dark and then came out and it was shining in the sun. We had a training after our session, with the temple president. That was way cool. I learned so much and gained more love for the temple. I just rented clothes there. I was worried it'd be a hassle since I didn’t have anything, but it was quick and easy. After, i bought socks and slippers for the temple so i don’t have to wear gross used things on my feet!

I have not had a chance to play guitar. I’ve been singing quite a bit, but that’s it. Surprisingly, I’m not the only Ute fan down here. Members and my companion are big Ute fans. It was lame hearing about Oregon. That’s a hard game though, hopefully they learned and gained experience. Oh, and guess what? We get $140 a month and i only spent half of that last month. What you don’t spend rolls over. I saved the most out of everyone I’ve talked to. I still have $135 after shopping today! It’s so comforting.

So we lent our car to the neighboring elders on Friday night and biked around all night. That was cold but fun. We biked to the Garza’s and to our dinner appointment. That was about 2 miles or so one way. Our area is not biker friendly at all. Not many sidewalks or bike lanes and lots of stuff in our way.  So it makes it more intense, but I like it.

Sorry I haven’t been able to send pictures. I haven’t had a card reader, I just borrow them from elders and none of them have had it for a couple weeks and again today.  So, it stinks. I have good pictures too. So, I’m doing good and glad you are too. Thanks for everything.

Love ya,
Elder Janz 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

League City, Week 6: 10/27/14 - 11/02/14

Monday, November 3, 2014

I had an awesome week. It didn’t go too fast for me for some reason, more regular speed. But that doesn’t mean it was boring. I had a happy Halloween, yes indeed. I had zone conference that morning then biked around all day. Then we had a way cool ward trunk or treat at the chapel. I took pictures and it was so fun. Met more peeps too. After that, we even had the chance to go see a priest we know play in the school marching band at a big high school football game. I got pics of that too. It was fuh reezing on Halloween and all i wore was a t shirt, jeans and slippers! Oh, and a new Texas beanie i bought.

Its gettin way cold here in the morning and at night but the days are fine. I broke out my stylish sweater this week and got compliments. I hope to stay here for a long time. But transfers are in two weeks so i dunno. I think I’ll stay and my companion will peace out. We’ve been invited to a handful of Thanksgivings and Christmases.  We've been eating with members a lot more now. One of my new grandparents that adopted me out here is the Holt family. They’re so sweet. They feed us almost every week! And, then they get the word out that the rest of the ward should feed us more and people sign up. Its been amazing. I’ll get some thank you cards ready. We haven’t done that, we can though.  And, don’t worry about the stress and working too hard. As long as i can laugh and help others, i stay cool.

Ashley accepted to be baptized and is preparing well! She even came to church with us and sat by me yesterday!  It was fast and testimony meeting so i had to explain a lot,  but it was great.We got to help build a tree house with Ashley and her family. We see them almost every day. Her family is just her aunt, who she hangs with all the time, and her family. They’re inactive but gathering themselves since we’re working with Ashley. They also want a worthy priesthood holding dad in the house. Today we bought lots of food and more expensive things since its the beginning of the month and our funds are filled up again. I bought new t shirts and camo gym shorts!

Last night we had a sweet experience. We were going to drop one of our investigators with a baptismal date because he wasn’t acting and keeping the commitments. Plus, we have never even gone inside his apartment for some reason. We would always just sit on his porch. But last night, the Lord helped him change since the last time and he let us in. He opens the door and my companion and i make a face at each other and get excited. So, we had a good lesson about family and the Book of Mormon. He’s getting married soon and has a baby on the way so were trying to manage all this.We told him he needs to work with faith or else he won’t be able to do all these stressful things. He needs the Lords blessings to carry him. So, we’re not gonna drop him. We’ll figure out the marriage thing and get him baptized right after.

We had our last family history helping session this week. I don’t know if I've told about this, but every Tuesday afternoon, missionaries in the district go to the library and help the elderly work on family history. I’ve helped the same lady every time and we have a hoot. I’m so glad that we learned together because I wasn’t the best helper.  But after the first week, I just learned as i went and then we figured out a plan and the following weeks picked up where we left off. it was cool. 

We leave to the temple tonight and stay close to it for the night and our session is tomorrow morning, pretty pumped. I know some workers that will be there. Oh, and i learned a way interesting thing about sealings.  So, a 15 year old girl who had her family sealed then later parents divorced, asked us who she is sealed to and who could she be sealed to now. We told her we didn’t know and would get back to her. We left and talked to the Bishop, he thought the mother but wasn’t sure. He called the temple, but no one answered cuz it was too late. Then he called the Stake President and without pausing he gave us the answer. And, I’m gonna remember this forever so i can seem knowledgeable when asked in the future. But, he told us that she is sealed to both since when a sealing takes place only the parents are asked if they accept the sealing and not the child since its only a baby. So, hopefully that makes sense. Her parents aren’t sealed to each other, but she is sealed to each of them separately since she was only a baby. I was way excited to go on that hunt for the answer and then to get the right answer that night, great experience.

Love ya and miss ya’ll these days,
Elder Janz