Saturday, April 4, 2015

Memorial City, Week 25: March 9, 2015 - March 15, 2015

Monday, March 16, 2015

Had a stupendous week! We set a new record this week for key indicators, which are lessons and investigator progress! It’s like your stats. They were the highest in this area yet. We had a super week, lots of up and down, but we had miracles that completely weigh out the bad. That’s what I always think about when nothing is going well or people are just lame around us. God always sends more to do or great experiences, but it’s just on his time. We'll gain faith if we show what we have first and then be patient with him. I just wish things never went up and down and just stayed up, ha ha. Can’t be though, makes me tough and more grateful.

Unfortunately, Margerie won’t be able to be baptized this weekend because she didn’t see us all week and she didn’t come to church, kinda lame. But, we can increase in faith and shoot for the next weekend if we see her more, hopefully three times, and get her to church.

Monday we saw Sara, has a baptismal date for April 4, and taught plan of salvation. It went well. But, Wednesday we taught her about temples and family history and she did not get it. It was sad because we thought we explained it well. We'll try again tonight and then move on if she understands.

We have a new investigator, well two, named Tami and David. We saw both this week. Had a good first lesson with Tami and we'll see her again on Wednesday. We've known David for a while. He was a referral and we finally started teaching him two weeks ago. One time, he saw us outside and told us we had to stay off that street because it was unsafe and that we would never ever convert any of the black people around there.  That was silly because we have to be on that street all the time, its right by the apartment.  And, he doesn’t know who will convert. We’ve had two good lessons with him. He’s kinda funny sometimes. He called us a day after seeing him and told us we invite people to be baptized all wrong. He keeps trying to correct us and teach us all these things. We invited him to be baptized and his concern, and why he called us, was that he doesn’t see why we invite people to be baptized when they haven’t even come to church yet. I told him its that we like to set future goals so that when you come to church, pray and read you get closer to Christ and want to be baptized.

We had two miracles this week. First, Friday we’d had a rough morning/afternoon. Then at dinner we got a call from the Spanish ward bishop. He told us he needed our help to go see a family he knew in our area. They needed a blessing and they are non-members. He called us because they speak good English and we could teach and bless in English. We get there and they are awesome. They’re the Sutters (Sooters). They have a lot of hard things they’re dealing with in their family and also have a lot going on with other family and just need help. We told them we would give them a blessing, but first we taught the restoration and about priesthood. Then we proceeded to bless every member of the family, Then I got asked to dedicate the home! It was ridiculously cool. The day went from dark to celestial just like that. We also left a Book of Mormon and we’re going back over in a couple of days. Hopefully they become investigators. Next miracle. So we have had a prompting to visit this active family for a week or more. Finally we got in and had dinner. We heard that they were wavering in faith a little bit. They’re very open I guess, ha ha. They told us it was an answer to their prayers that we met with them. The wife has been invited to other churches by friends and was tempted and decided to pray about it. She said she received her answer when we kept calling and stopping by to see them. So she’s glad that Heavenly Father showed her the importance of staying at our church. We felt way good knowing that we received the prompting for a reason and that they now are stronger.

 I also got to go Vietnamese this week. It was great because Elder Christensen got to run the area with our zone leader. He did good being in charge, I’m proud. Vietnamese was fun, got to see china town. Good times. Those dudes are my buds. Things are fun and I’m really happy here.  Companion agrees too. Things are turning up. The work is great.

Love you tons,
Elder Janz