Saturday, March 21, 2015

Memorial City, Week 24: March 2, 2015 - March 8, 2015

Monday, March 9, 2015

Elder Christensen is doing great. He’s learning more and more. Now i can stop talking in the lessons and he'll say a little something. Not quite co-teaching yet, but were gettin there. At least he can speak when I stop and he’s still inviting people to act. Tonight he’s actually going to invite a new investigator to be baptized. We get along great. He’s a silly kid, very sarcastic and laid back.

Margerie is still good for baptism on the 21st. Met with her a few times this week  which was awesome. You gotta see investigators on track for baptism almost every day. We taught the plan of salvation and I think it hit her hard. It also includes the atonement too. She even said her first prayer in front of us this week! She’s been telling us "oh next time I’ll pray" or "someone save me and pray for me". Buuuttttt this time we refused. We told her we wouldn’t leave unless she prayed. She’s been promising and hadn’t delivered yet. But she did it and it was a beautiful prayer. It was a miracle though. She was so nervous, but had a really sincere and thankful type prayer. People just get nervous to pray in front of others at first. We reassured her that every prayer is what it needs to be, no right way to do it. It’s whatever we feel.

We also got a new investigator over text message from church HQ. It was from a part member family. The member husband contacted the church for his non-member wife and then we went over soon after. The first lesson went awesome. Her name is Sara. They seem like a solid family. We’re gonna see them tonight for the second time. That’s who Elder Christensen will invite to be baptized.

We finally got in with Eva! It’s the first time we sat down with her and her husband in a month. We just showed up and they let us in and this time. Both didn’t mind seeing us. We just expressed how happy we were to see Eva again and it’s cool because they both seemed so happy. I could tell the fighting has gone down right as they answered. In our visit we didn’t want to freak her out again and talk about anything too big. So I decided to just read the Book of Mormon with them and discuss what it teaches us. We all took turns reading and it was a sweet experience. We read in Alma 5 and it lets you think that if we were to die right now, would we be comfortable in Gods presence? It has lots of deep questions and we helped them think about those and taught what helps us feel more prepared for God, which is living the gospel. Sannah was unfortunately busy all week, a lot goin on with her family. We'll go back to the family with the baby in a couple weeks.

We had a way cool zone conference this week too. That was Friday morning and it almost lasted all day. It went from 7:45 until around 3, lots to hear and then practice. Also, they fed us which is excellent. But it was a good week! Things really are cooking and its fun to have the new guy be part of this. Oh, and my cough is gone!

Love you tons
Elder Janz

Got new furniture, so had to a rearrange this week.




Memorial City, Week 23: February 23, 2015 - March 1, 2015

Monday, March 2, 2015

Things are excellent with my son :) He’s getttin there. This was his best week so far. We had lots of good studies and role plays that helped. And, lessons are going good! This week was his most noticeable improvement, obedience (like being on time and language), talking more (not much but a little), confident in leaving people assignments, has good ideas and so on.

So, Margerie has a baptismal date for March 21! We saw her twice this week. The first one at a ward FHE, it was awesome. The second lesson was on the word of wisdom and she’s willing to live it and she understands it. This week was solid, happy with Margerie and Elder Christensen.

Sannah is another investigator we met with this week. We had our second lesson, finished the restoration. It was kind of annoying because her kids were so distracting. Plus she tells me she can’t see the Godhead being three individuals. So we had a good talk about that ;) I had some good scrips for it. We had a way weird lesson on Tuesday. A family we have been trying to see for weeks finally let us in. They’re investigators and we start going for the first lesson. So we start and then I ask "who is God to you guys" and they were like "oh, we were just thinking we could listen to you guys give your shpeel, just share your beliefs". So we literally had to teach without any involvement from them. Plus they told us they had 15 minutes, so that was awkward. It went okay. We left the pamphlet and Book of Mormon. They just had a baby the next day after so they said we can come back in a few weeks, we'll see. But, this week was coolio julio. A lot happier than last week, felt the spirit very strong this weekend. Thanks for everything!

So, what we do on p-day?  ... well, they’re never really too much the same. Sometimes the chores and errands take longer than you think and then the playtime and email is hurried. But, we like to play here at the church with everyone, eat out and want to go to Galleria again. But ya, we get together with district for p-day and other meetings. And, we work out every morning, yes.  I’ve still got a wicked cough though. I’ve had it for a month now. But not sick anymore, so that’s good. But,a fun fun week and excited for this one as well.

Love you!

Elder Janz