Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Houston, Week 4: 10/13/14 - 10/19/14

Monday, October 20,2014

Oh I'm in League City not Liberty.  I am definitely settled and in the groove at this point. Yes, I dont need anything. So for breakfast I eat a ton of honey nut cheerios, pop tarts and oatmeal. But I’ve cooked eggs a few times and that was grand. I’ve had a few dinner appointments. Members aren’t too friendly around here. They kind of keep to themselves. But we actually see a member almost every day who is the ward mission leader of the neighboring area and we give him rides, he teaches with us and he either takes us out or we eat panini's at his place. But beside that we've only had one other dinner. That was last week with the high priest president and we went to Estrada’s which is down the street from our place, good Mexican food. I’m in a ward with around 80 people or so who attend. I got to finally meet them and have a normal Sunday yesterday. Great sacrament meeting and then we taught the atonement in gospel essentials. Yeah i got the packages the first time in the office. but i finally took the boxes out of my room and tossed them. We've got a pretty good teaching pool. Not as large as we want but we've had to drop some investigators due to lack of commitment and family drama. We actually had a crazy experience on Friday where we were going to teach this 17 year old named Raymond, who we had a baptismal date for, and we wanted to meet his family.  So we went over for an appointment. We got let in. had a member with us. and it was this small apartment and the whole family was packed in there. we tried to get everyone gathered but once they figured out who we were and what we did one of the cousin girls tried to make the claim that they weren’t interested, which they were, and kicked us out. She was a dork and the only one that stopped that lesson. But, that happens family drama. There was another one like that last night just not as bad though. But beside that teaching is great and there are others!  My day is interesting. I wake up at 6:25, go for a walk with our roommates, shower, get ready and study for 3 hours, since I’m a greenie. Then I eat lunch, usually tuna something, mac ‘n cheese, or pbj’s. and cereal with that. Then we head out to visit people, appointments or not. Also,  in between, we OYM which is "open your mouth" and that’s a solid way to find people to teach. We just introduce ourselves, small talk and try to get their interest and info to see them again. We also hand out Pass Cards which are pictures of church stuff with a small message on the back.  We also put our number on there so they can call us later. Elder Ve'e and I are really good at teaching now. We have more unity and we’re more comfortable with each other. One thing, i see like 100 squirrels a day out here. They’re everywhere. And,  there’s  a lot of diversity here, lots of cigarettes and lots of restaurants. Whataburger is like a Texas ‘In-n-Out’,  its weird. Never had it though. That’s so sweet you’re watchin Walking Dead. One of the families we visit talk about it with me,  ha ha.  That is way sad that your Aunt Mary died L   Hope the family is alright.

Love You,
Elder Janz 

Houston, Week 3: 10/06/14 - 10/12/14

Tuesday, October 7, 2014:  Elder Deans flies to Houston

Wednesday, October 15:  Email from Elder Janz

I finally miss you :( I;'ve been so sick and I wanted to go home my first night out here. I threw up all day on the first Tuesday, even on myself on the plane. But I'm good now. I got better this weekend. That was the worst way to start my mission. Dang, so glad this week has been better.  Makes me more outgoing and loving. Hopefully more loveable too.  Thank you so much for the prayers.  I pray a ton too.  My companion is Eler Ve'e. He's a 6'4" Polynesian. He's pretty cool. He's from Oakland, California and has been out for about 11 months. He's our zone leader. so, I live in League City, TX. It's a suburb of Houston, about 20 mins out, a lot like Draper just more humid and full of different trees. I drive a car. My companion doesn't drive cuz he got his license suspended, so I have to figure it out while he helps. It's been fun driving around and seeing everything. The drivers stink here, so impatient. I've met some nut jobs and I've met some really sweet people. Yesterday  some dude prayed for us in tongues.and it was ferocious gibberish for like 3 minutes. I just smiled. I've already got a baptismal date and handed out a Book of Mormon and some pass cards. Elder Ve'e and I are very obedient. We wouldn't have the success or spirit that we have without our willingness to obey and rely on faith. I've already been on two exchanes. so that's like a work day and a sleepover with another companion. Reason being is that my companion, who is a zone leader, needed to meet with the other leaders before our zone conference on Monday. That's why we didn't have p-day until now. Sunday, we had stake conference and Monday, zone conference. so, lots of meetings. Two members of the 70 were at those. ElderWright was at stake conference and Elder Shwitzer was at zpme cpmference. Got to meet him and tell him I saw him at the MTC where he spoke to us! He's legit. I also like President Ashton a ton too. He and his wife could be authorities, I swear. They have the strongest testimonies and speak incredibly. I'm in an apartment with another companionship. One of the other elders was my companion in the MTC! How weird, can't get rid of 'em, ha ha, whatever. But, I'm not sick anymore and now everyone else is getting sick. It's funny, I always joke, what the heck is wrong with ya'll? someone must have come in here and got ya'll sick! But, the people and missionaries are really cool here.  Ginaally feel at home and can be myself. I got to ride my bike yesterday on my second exchange, it's niiiiiiice. I'm excited about today. Lots of people have been talking about seeing me in conference, I'm a rockstar again! But, I'm gonna write and  play sports here at the ward building. Just send everything to the mission home, 602 Eldridge Rd.  sugar Land, TX  77478.

Love you,
Elder Janz

Sunday, October 19, 2014

We didn't hear from Janz today, but did get an email and picture from President and Sister Ashton on Sunday 10/12/14

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to let you know that your missionary has arrived safely in the Texas Houston South Mission, the best mission in the world!!  They are happy and absolutely wonderful. President Ashton and I are thrilled to welcome them. We had a terrific afternoon and evening together on Tuesday. We enjoyed getting to know each of them. Your missionaries received some training and then had the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people on the streets of Houston. After, we enjoyed dinner together and a beautiful testimony meeting. Wednesday, they received some more training, met their trainers as well as many other missionaries, and then left to their areas to meet and teach the wonderful people of Houston. They come with such courage and strength. You should be very proud of them.

I have attached a photo from our gathering in the mission home. As you can see, there are many smiles.  We have seven children (not all are pictured.)  Our youngest is 2 and our oldest is 15. They are so excited to be a part of your missionary's life!

Again, thank you for the opportunity you have given us to serve with these fine missionaries. We love them already and promise to take good care of them. May you find great joy and blessings as you continue to support them in bringing souls to Christ through His restored gospel. This is His work and these missionaries are on His errand. More joy awaits them than they have ever experienced!

With Love,

President and Sister Ashton, Spencer Braeden, Jacob, Elisabeth Kate, Ethan, Danie and Wesley

PS. P-days are on Monday which is the day they will write/receive email.  If they are assigned to Galveston Island, however, their email day will be Tuesday. I know they will love hearing from you each week and need to know you are loving and supporting them. Please send/email at least a short note each week. Also, if you have any sensitive information to share with your missionary that may cause him/her emotional distress, please call, text or email my husband or myself so we can determine the best way for him/her to receive the information and so that we are aware that he/she may need some extra attention. Thanks for everything.