Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Houston, Week 4: 10/13/14 - 10/19/14

Monday, October 20,2014

Oh I'm in League City not Liberty.  I am definitely settled and in the groove at this point. Yes, I dont need anything. So for breakfast I eat a ton of honey nut cheerios, pop tarts and oatmeal. But I’ve cooked eggs a few times and that was grand. I’ve had a few dinner appointments. Members aren’t too friendly around here. They kind of keep to themselves. But we actually see a member almost every day who is the ward mission leader of the neighboring area and we give him rides, he teaches with us and he either takes us out or we eat panini's at his place. But beside that we've only had one other dinner. That was last week with the high priest president and we went to Estrada’s which is down the street from our place, good Mexican food. I’m in a ward with around 80 people or so who attend. I got to finally meet them and have a normal Sunday yesterday. Great sacrament meeting and then we taught the atonement in gospel essentials. Yeah i got the packages the first time in the office. but i finally took the boxes out of my room and tossed them. We've got a pretty good teaching pool. Not as large as we want but we've had to drop some investigators due to lack of commitment and family drama. We actually had a crazy experience on Friday where we were going to teach this 17 year old named Raymond, who we had a baptismal date for, and we wanted to meet his family.  So we went over for an appointment. We got let in. had a member with us. and it was this small apartment and the whole family was packed in there. we tried to get everyone gathered but once they figured out who we were and what we did one of the cousin girls tried to make the claim that they weren’t interested, which they were, and kicked us out. She was a dork and the only one that stopped that lesson. But, that happens family drama. There was another one like that last night just not as bad though. But beside that teaching is great and there are others!  My day is interesting. I wake up at 6:25, go for a walk with our roommates, shower, get ready and study for 3 hours, since I’m a greenie. Then I eat lunch, usually tuna something, mac ‘n cheese, or pbj’s. and cereal with that. Then we head out to visit people, appointments or not. Also,  in between, we OYM which is "open your mouth" and that’s a solid way to find people to teach. We just introduce ourselves, small talk and try to get their interest and info to see them again. We also hand out Pass Cards which are pictures of church stuff with a small message on the back.  We also put our number on there so they can call us later. Elder Ve'e and I are really good at teaching now. We have more unity and we’re more comfortable with each other. One thing, i see like 100 squirrels a day out here. They’re everywhere. And,  there’s  a lot of diversity here, lots of cigarettes and lots of restaurants. Whataburger is like a Texas ‘In-n-Out’,  its weird. Never had it though. That’s so sweet you’re watchin Walking Dead. One of the families we visit talk about it with me,  ha ha.  That is way sad that your Aunt Mary died L   Hope the family is alright.

Love You,
Elder Janz 

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