Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Houston, Week 3: 10/06/14 - 10/12/14

Tuesday, October 7, 2014:  Elder Deans flies to Houston

Wednesday, October 15:  Email from Elder Janz

I finally miss you :( I;'ve been so sick and I wanted to go home my first night out here. I threw up all day on the first Tuesday, even on myself on the plane. But I'm good now. I got better this weekend. That was the worst way to start my mission. Dang, so glad this week has been better.  Makes me more outgoing and loving. Hopefully more loveable too.  Thank you so much for the prayers.  I pray a ton too.  My companion is Eler Ve'e. He's a 6'4" Polynesian. He's pretty cool. He's from Oakland, California and has been out for about 11 months. He's our zone leader. so, I live in League City, TX. It's a suburb of Houston, about 20 mins out, a lot like Draper just more humid and full of different trees. I drive a car. My companion doesn't drive cuz he got his license suspended, so I have to figure it out while he helps. It's been fun driving around and seeing everything. The drivers stink here, so impatient. I've met some nut jobs and I've met some really sweet people. Yesterday  some dude prayed for us in tongues.and it was ferocious gibberish for like 3 minutes. I just smiled. I've already got a baptismal date and handed out a Book of Mormon and some pass cards. Elder Ve'e and I are very obedient. We wouldn't have the success or spirit that we have without our willingness to obey and rely on faith. I've already been on two exchanes. so that's like a work day and a sleepover with another companion. Reason being is that my companion, who is a zone leader, needed to meet with the other leaders before our zone conference on Monday. That's why we didn't have p-day until now. Sunday, we had stake conference and Monday, zone conference. so, lots of meetings. Two members of the 70 were at those. ElderWright was at stake conference and Elder Shwitzer was at zpme cpmference. Got to meet him and tell him I saw him at the MTC where he spoke to us! He's legit. I also like President Ashton a ton too. He and his wife could be authorities, I swear. They have the strongest testimonies and speak incredibly. I'm in an apartment with another companionship. One of the other elders was my companion in the MTC! How weird, can't get rid of 'em, ha ha, whatever. But, I'm not sick anymore and now everyone else is getting sick. It's funny, I always joke, what the heck is wrong with ya'll? someone must have come in here and got ya'll sick! But, the people and missionaries are really cool here.  Ginaally feel at home and can be myself. I got to ride my bike yesterday on my second exchange, it's niiiiiiice. I'm excited about today. Lots of people have been talking about seeing me in conference, I'm a rockstar again! But, I'm gonna write and  play sports here at the ward building. Just send everything to the mission home, 602 Eldridge Rd.  sugar Land, TX  77478.

Love you,
Elder Janz

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