Friday, October 31, 2014

League City, Week 5: 10/20/14 - 10/26/14

Monday, October 27, 2014

Way cool. You got some mail, that’s sweet! From President Ashton and from Sister Keichler?  Yeah i like em both. Heard about the Utah game a little after they played, how fun. And, Cam is quite the stud these days. I’ve heard good things from his mother as well. Gifts eh? I haven’t gotten any mail or packages yet, but I’d appreciate it. My week has been good though. I extended my first baptismal date. It was so scary cuz we had her appointment in a few mins and my companion told me to pray about the date we should set. He already did and knew. So, i had to have the faith, patience and revelation to get that same date. The investigator is named Ashley and she’s in her twenties, single mom with a little boy. We got invited to see her from her family, who are members. So i got revelation right before we left to tell her about getting baptized on December 6. So i told my companion and we confirmed it was truly from God. Really amazing experience. Check out Doctrine and Covenants 6: 36-37.  It talks about not being scared and trusting the Lord. Thats what i do when things are rough or stressful. But, thats my highlight. I taught her by myself with one of her family members. My companion went into the other room to teach a little cool. But it went well! Grew a ton that day. I finally met my ward mission leader a few days ago. He’s waaayyyy sweet. His name is Matt Brown. He’s in his thirties, cute family, all young girls and lives in a nice neighborhood by our church. I actually got to say the opening prayer and pass the sacrament at church yesterday. So, that’s more exposure to the ward, I guess. They’re great though. I like the ward. We got fed a couple times this week. First time I’ve had a dinner appointment with my companion. The others have been on exchanges. We got to do crazy amounts of service this week. We moved two houses and we worked on this non members lawn for like two or three hours. He had a jungle and a pool in the backyard. So we trimmed and cut that stuff. Wish i would’ve taken a picture. But, I’ll send some pics in a sec. Im doing just fine. Getting along with the companion, but kinda rough cuz we’re way different.  But, who cares, half way through transfers anyway. All the missionaries are going to the temple in a couple weeks. Then my ward is going right before transfers in mid November. Oh, I’ve been invited to a couple Thanksgivings and lots of Christmases We'll have to see what happens! Dang. the weather here is fluctuating. It's humid today, but its cloudy and decent temp. Other days its dry, breezy, or hot. Its changing but definitely cooling down. Time is going by really fast now. Feels like i can email every few days. Oh, i started working out at a professional weight lifters house! He has a garage built just for lifting and he invtited us and our neighboring elders to come whenever. The other elders know him and we got our hook up that way. I'm gaining weight, I think. There's more muscle but i hope lbs too. I try to eat as much as i can, but sometimes we're too busy. It's lame, but I'm doing good.

Love and miss you mucho,
Elder Janz

Elder Deans' hardest decision of the day!

Elder Deans' bike (red) which he hasn't used much.

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