Monday, November 9, 2015

Alvin, Texas: Week 51: September 7, 2015 - September 13, 2015

Monday 09/14/15
Sooooooo... Results of transfers were that I got Elder Glover. Hes been out just over a year and he's from Kanab, UT. Way down south. I got to know him more and just show him how I am and then the magic started happening and I knew this transfer was good. Turns out he's a huge rocker. Likes and listens to everything that I did. Even Slipknot, which is hilarious to talk about out here. But were having fun.

We saw some awesome things this week. Oh and just a funny little thing... we went out with a recent returned missionary and I may or may not have heard a little Breaking Benjamin and RED!!! it was crazzzyzyyyyy. He was teasing me and showed me snip its of their new stuff. He was a funny dude. That was hard though, haha. It's weird having a missionary brain now. My new companion is super. He works way hard. We get along great becuase we both like rock/metal a lot and we just have fun all day. His name is Elder Glover from Kanab, UT.

But, as far as the work goes, nothing too exciting happened this week. Biggest progress we saw was that we were able to have Eric Brader actually come to more than one hour of church!!! He hasn't done that in a month or more. That was awesome. But, we gotta get more of them there. That's my goal for next week, pack the church with non members. But, we keep finding new investigators every week to replace the lame ones

We also found a new investigator named Brooklyn who's like 25 or so and we taught her the restoration out front of her apartment. went super well. We taught very simply and she was way interested. She wants to be baptized. We just need to extend a date for that and see her again tomorrow. We also saw some miracles as far as less active work too. Got to see Merri Bardwell again. I think I told you about her. She's a lady we met a couple weeks ago. We saw her this week and had another solid lesson. Told her to not stress so much and just take the gospel step by step. Start with one thing she is struggling with instead of all them. It was way cool.

So we're doing pretty good. Staying way busy. especially with zone leader work too. We just had our zone merge with another one, so I'm taking over two zones now. Its been hectic but pretty fun to have that responsibility and watch over all those missionaries. I have like 26 that I help now. I think thats so awesome that you are talking to Ceteka and Debbie. I love when Moms unite haha its silly. Thanks for everything. I really appreciate how cool you are. Miss ya'll tons. Keep having fun and showing it to me!


Love you!

Pantz, Elder Janz



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