Monday, November 9, 2015

Alvin Texas, Week 54: September 28, 20215 - October 4, 2015

Monday, October 5, 2016

This week was fantastic!!!!! Obviously we had conference which was a highlight. That was a way good conference. Gotta love the prophet and apostles. I cried when Elder Holland talked about mommas, that was bomb. I miss you. But we even had Eric B. come and see some of conference with us at the church. That was a miracle. Conference wasn't the same huh? ha ha Hopefully it was still good even without me on there. We had Eric B. come to see conference

The zone is doing a lot better. The elders are doing lots better and they had a pretty hard working week. So, my duties did calm down this week a lot. I wasn't preoccupied whatsoever. Just the usual few calls and reporting and accounting at the end of days and last night. It was a blessing to not worry about the zone this week. We just had a good 'ol time and worked here and focused here.

We got to do some sweet service for an old guy that bishop here knows. We went out to his place and helped him plant
into his patch out back. Felt like a farmer. We did like hundreds of cauliflower plants and spinach. The old guy was hilarious. We also showed his wife how she can watch conference since she likes the MOTAB.

Actually another cool zone leader thing we got to do was interview a whole family for baptism. I got to interview the mom and
her teenage son. That was an amazing experience. I absolutely love doing those interviews. I just love people!!! It was so good to see them want to come unto Christ through baptism and want to join his church so bad. I heard the baptism went awesome as well. Unfortunately I couldnt make it.

So theres nothing really too exciting with our investigators right now. We're trying to get new ones. None of
them are really on fire like some of them have been. But it will be okay. We did some finding and we also worked with the ward through members and less actives this week. Something that i didnt realize, because ya'll are so awesome, is that some parents just don't care and don't email their missionaries that much. soo.... thank you for all you do and the couriosity.

The weather is also cooling here!!! I bet it gets chilly at night there. I actually broke out my sweatshirt the other day haha. Iit was chilly when we got back from a farm doing service. I'm such a baby now. I think I will be out of here with transfers, yes. I have a weird feeling I'm going back up to Houston, its scary. Transfers will be in a week in a half. Seems like I needa move on as well. My companion needs to learn this town and love these people more, but he's doing great. Thanks for everything you do, honestly.


Love you tons,
Elder Deansy



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