Monday, November 9, 2015

Alvin Texas, Week 52: September 14, 2015 - September 22, 2015

Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Hahaha, elephant in the room... Dang, ya'll make me feel so old. I just barely started my mission! I'm a year young and won't be home in forever!!! haha. It's so weird that I'm about to hit my one year mark. Thats just crazy. I dont wanna go home, haha, I wanna stay out here longer! But, there will be a lot of changes and growth for me in this next year. Should be awesome.

This week for us was insane. We did so much. It was also kind of hard on me too. We were swamped with administrative work and communicating with our large zone in our only free time. Spent a lot of time calling and working at apartment in our free time, doing paper work and helping disobedient missionaries. twas nuts. Then, during the week we didn't have tons of success. But good news is that I'm still here and the area does still have good things going! So, im totally okay now. Just ready for a good 'ol P-Day. We're about to go see the Astros play today, wooooo hooooo!!! I'm stoked.

This week we did not pack the church full of investigators haha, nope. We had Ashley, our newest investigator. She had a good time. We're good friends with her and the Renfroes who she is staying with. The Renfroes are in our ward. I've known them for a while, awesome peeps.

Eric B is doing good. Just waiting for that silly head to DO something haha. We see him often though. Had a jam session on guitar and bass this week and then read the Book of Mormon with him and talked about what he needs to do to get through these trials and get dunked.

Next best investigator would be Eric V. He all of a sudden got more 'investigatory' and wants to start acting. He wants to play basketball with us every week and then come to church. We had a powerful powerful lesson with him and I went into his house for the first time, woo hoo, in forever. We taught him about the importance of trusting our Heavenly Father. He actually asked about what converted me to wanna live the gospel and I shared with him some of my hardships in life and how I have had to really think and then have more faith. It was cool. haha

We actually got to stack hay this week. We went out to a massive field the other day for service and helped some members. We stacked 100 bails of hay on their truck and trailer. That was awesome. It was so Texas, loved it. But, we're doing good here!! Things are gonna catch on fire soon! We gotta dunk em!

Love ya,

Pantz, Elder Janz






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