Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pearland Texas, Week 78: March 14, 2016 - March 20, 2016

Monday, March 21, 2016

Had a great week here!!! We were able to get Brandon, Aaron the recent converts brother, to church for the first time! I even lent him one of my dress shirts to wear because he just moved in with Aaron and didn't bring any. We also taught him the Restoration this week. We had shared Mormon Messages and taught about faith in the past,but realized now he's ready for the legit discussions. It went very well. Aaron helped a ton in testimony and explaining from a recent converts view. We had our monthly gospel principles class bbq this week. We had Aaron take both Brandon and Shelby. It was cool with Shelby because we taught him on Tuesday and then he didn't answer the phone or respond to texts until we had some members text him to come to the bbq. He would if he could get a ride.

Our Bishop took us out to breakfast on Friday to coordinate the work. We went to Dennys. It was awesome. We got a lot figured out, planned and united on. Weren't able to meet Stephen this week, he was busy. We got to see Damon and Skylyn again. Their mom was there to talk to us quite a bit and help in the lesson too! She's coming along.  Darrell and Elizabeth were about to meet with us, but they got sick!So, we offered to give blessings and they were down but then they forgot to call us back. We dont go to see Roosevelt anymore. He is just always in the middle of something and doesn't prepare himself for lessons. We're trying to get in touch with Thaddeus, so we'll see.

This week, I got to go on an exchange to another district leader that I hadn't ever been on exchange with. We went to his area in Rosenberg. It was a bike area, so got to saddle up again. Got some sun for sure being out riding all day. We also did a sweet service project over there. We helped some organization plant things in a state park. We were on soil shoveling duty. We had to fill up planter pots with a special soil they had. But, because it was a ton of soil, they had it just poured out and covered with a tarp.  As we were digging, we realized that tooonnss of critters were living in there!! We had mice fly out, a snake, roaches, worms, frogs, etc,  haha. I was wearing gardening gloves so I grabbed all this stuff except the mouse.

Yes I got the package. I love the capo. Thanks for the beads too! We wore those to a St Pats party that some members invited us to. We just had dinner with them and everything was all Irish themed, even corn beef and cabbage haha.

Thats too bad with the Utes. I wanted them to  keep working their way up! Next year they'll have even more experience. Weather has been fine. Just partly  cloudy. My companions are doing great. We are getting along really  well. We're having fun but always make sure we keep the rules. Thanks for all the love  and encouragement. Pumps me up. Hope you have a grand week this week.

Love you!
Elder Deans

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