Monday, March 28, 2016

Pearland Texas, Week 73: February 8, 2016 - February 15, 2016

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

We had a really cool week. Damon and Skylin weren't baptized because we changed the date and they are set to be baptized his Saturday. So we're just trying to get all the baptismal program details, their baptismal interview and beside that they are good to go!! We did a baptismal interview practice with them last night which was interesting, haha. They didn't quite comprehend everything we taught, so we would ask the interview question and if they didn't give the right answer we would briefly teach that doctrine and then keep going.

We also found a new investigator named Roosevelt. We came across him as we were trying to find a less active family in our ward. So we knocked on the door thinking it would be them and he answers and everyone is confused. He tells us they dont live there and he doesn't know them. So we just made the most of talking to him right there and put the focus on him and had a good gospel conversation on the porch. He liked us and said we could come back. We went back a few days later and we had a bomb Restoration lesson. He was way into the lesson and already has lots of gospel knowledge, very spiritual and he said he would read and pray about Book of Mormon and also come to church this next Sunday. That was sweet!!

Renee is doing pretty good. We had the lesson that was crucial in her progression on why Jesus Christ is so important and she actually didn't really get it. We think that her heart is just a little hard right now because she has grown up her whole life just thinking all we need is God and to be a good person and we will be fine. We taught about how the gospel is what  connects us to Christ and thats the only way to be made clean and get back to Heavenly Father but she's stuck. She's goin to keep reading and pray about it and that should help tremendously.

The Chinese exchange went really well too!! I'll tell ya bout it. So it was just me and the DL, his name is Elder Peterson and he is from all over the world. His family moved a lot due to dad working at a big corporation. But we got straight to work and the first place we went was actually kind of funny. So, the guy was a less active and he takes care of a ancient old Chinese man and he was working there at the old mans house and thats where they usually teach him. We had to sneak in once he answered because the old man doesn't want us in there, haha. Had a full lesson in Mandarin, spoke no English. So all I said was Hi and Thank you. He even got a picture with me because I reminded him of the missionaries that baptized him long ago. We also got to teach English class that night. Man... that was a blast. Now I've done both Vietnamese and Mandarin English class. The people were super humble, eager to learn and silly heads. We taught about grammar, how to get to know someone, and some vocabulary. They gave me a Mandarin name and apparently its Ding Zhang Lao. meaning Elder Deans, haha.

We got to do some more big service for the city of Houston. Instead of dental care this time they did a "See to Succeed" program for vision. I just helped kids by directing them where to go as they moved around the clinic. Elder Dawe got to hold their heads in a machine that tests their vision. Seemed more fun, but whatever. We also had a huuggee opportunity to do some service here in our own area. We signed up to serve at the Houston Humane Society!! SO we registered and they had us come in and do an orientation before we started. We got training and now we are certified Houston Humane Society dog walkers. We did our first full shift yesterday and it was super fun. We just take the dogs that haven't been walked in a while out from the kennels onto the nice trails they have in the back. They built like a mini grove of trees and garden around the trails. Its way nice. The craziest part was that we witnessed two dog fights that day and they said that rarely rarely happens, our luck... I had to break up the second one. We were taking a rowdy stinker back to his kennel and he shared a room with another dog, but as he came back in he got way aggressive to his roommate and pinned him down and starting biting his ear. I, from learning in my training, pulled the aggressive ones tail and swung him off and moved him outa there haha.

Zone Leader stuff is great! My favorite part is probably teaching. I have realized in the past few years I just love to teach people things haha. "  I love teaching whether it be in meetings, on exchanges or over the phone. Its also cool because ZLs are very in tune with President and get the inside scoop and hear info quickly.

Love ya,
Elder Deans

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