Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pearland Texas, Week 77: March 8, 2016 - March 13, 2016

Monday, March 14, 2016 

We had a great great week this week!! We found 4 new investigators and all four have accepted baptism!! One we already knew, named Stephen. We just didn't have a return appointment or a sit down lesson yet, so we just decided to stop by randomly yesterday and go for it. He was home and he let us right in! We had an awesome Restoration lesson and he understands it quite well. He's got a date for April 16.

The others are Daryl and Elizabeth! Miracle... so I've shared how their good friends with the Monettes from the ward and they said we should go visit them. Few days ago we had an appointment with them and it was super exciting. They were way loving and kind. The wife lived in Utah for a couple years. We taught the Restoration to them and they liked it as well! dont have a solid date quite yet. But it was cool because the husband said yes way fast to the baptismal invite and the wife was all surprised and looked at him all charmed and totally down with it and she said she would too. Monettes are going over with us this Friday for the next lesson.

The other guy is Shelby. He was a referral from the Houston Mission. He had been to church up there, had member friends, heard a couple lesson and best of all, he has read the whole Book of Mormon before. We had a cool lesson with him, mostly just getting to know him and using something we call 'How to Begin Teaching' where you get to know them, see their religious background and then show them what you're there to do and how they can be blessed with it. I shared Mosiah 2:17 with him because he said he wants to do service and help people in his career. Shelby said he would come to church the day before and so we had time to get him a ride. Shelby is a former marine of 14 years in the service. We got Bro Mosis, who was also a former marine, to come pick him up. It was tight. This was the first time in this area we had a member go with us to pick someone up to take them to church. If feels so good!

We also had a huge opportunity to do service for Bro Mosis this week because he was fixing a leaning wood panel fence. We went over and dug around the posts kinda deep and wide and then hooked up a rope and pole pulley to pull them straight. Then we poured new cement into the holes to lock them in. It was definitely a manly service. I'll send a picture of how grody I was afterward from digging and mixing cement.  No luck with Roosevelt or Thaddeus. I'll call Thaddeus soon.

Last week was just a zone meeting, not conference. Conferences are multiple zones at once with President. Meetings are just our zone individually. But it went really well! Actually, one of the best we've had in a while. We planned carefully and specifically and it paid off. We had lots of different missionaries go up and do little presentations. My segment I showed a video of missionaries exemplifying asking good questions and teaching to the needs of the investigators. People seemed to like the way I would pause the video and point out key things and discuss it. Had everyone role play and  practice just like in the video. It was cool.

Man... it rained like crazy this week. Almost for a day and a half straight. The flooding wasn't too bad in our mission. There wasn't much home damage and we haven't heard anything about going to help clean up, maybe though. But, we have been working hard. We go as hard as we can every day thinking of the best plans, working with members and having an attitude of finding new people. We have been blessed immensely lately. By the way, the next transfers will be April 13th.

Love ya tons,
Elder Deans

Elder Deans with his ward mission leader, Mike Barton

Looking grody after the manly service project

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