Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pearland Texas, Week 76: February 29, 2016 - March 7, 2016

Tuesday , March 8, 2016

We had a great week this week! We were able to actually  find some  really promising new investigators. Lately I've told about finding new ones, but these are even more reliable than the other ones. So thats a nice touch. We found one because other missionaries in another ward just talked to some guy they worked with at service. Turns out he lives close to us. We kept trying to contact him for a week and it was no luck. Then finally we go over a few days ago and the front door was half open!! We got excited because we would at least say a word or two and see someone. He came and talked to us and it went awesome. He's way friendly and interested. His name is Stephen and hes like a 25 yr old black kid thats pretty hip. Goin to see him again tomorrow for first sit down lesson. Just talked on porch before.

Also had a huge opportunity because some members had one of their brothers move into town and they had already talked to him about the church.  We had shown a Mormon message with them and him last time he was in town.. Its the  Sanford family who we are way close to. They have given us two referrals now. the other one was George a friend from work. But the guy that moved in is Brandon, Aarons brother. He's going through a super hard patch in  life with drug quitting, no work, girlfriend drama, new baby! He just wants to start over and he's looking to the gospel for help. We had a lesson with Aaron and Brandon at the Monettes house the other day and it was powerful. We just started by teaching Faith in Christ to help him really feel that what we teach can help. Aaron and the Monettes had great comments that helped a lot. Brandon is starting to pray more now and wants to meet with us weekly. We're stoked.

Elizabeth and Daryl are still on hold until Thursday for our first lesson. Roosevelt is kind of a poo. He is way hard to get in contact with and when we go over, he just has tons of friends over, beer everywhere and they're in the middle of doing stuff. So we can't teach and that's been tough. He thinks sometimes we just want to hang out with him. I'm pretty sure because he talked to elders in Louisiana that did that. We're gonna have a good DTR with em. Thadeus is on hold as well. Tried a lesson this week, but he didn't call us back when he said he could and we went over and no answer. But we think he just fell asleep because he said he had a crazy week and was sleeping a lot that day.

We're working with Day Day again, the 17 kid we know. He accepted a baptismal date this week!! Its exciting but I didnt get too pumped because getting him to church has been a failure multiple times in a row. So we gotta get that more set. Lessons are going swell though!

We got to do some more service for the city in Houston again and we did the Saving Smiles project again. This time we were helping as the kids were about to get their teeth cleaned and sealed. I was helping them stay in their lines and shifting down a seat every time someone moved to go in, entertaining them with goofy stuff, answering questions and this time even had to quiet them down a few times! We did 6 schools all back to back and I stood amongst hundreds of crazy kids for 3 and a half hours straight. It was tiring but rewarding, haha.

We're about to have a big zone meeting tomorrow. I'll be teaching and basically practicing how to teach based on peoples needs and listen and adjust to what helps them most. I'll let ya know how that is. Being a Zone Leader can be kinda stressful. President Hall gave me a great suggestion on how to manage that stress.  He suggested that I use a paper to write down all my stresses or worries at the time. The next column would be if I had control over that at all, yes or no. The last was simply the plan to help. That works way well actually. I liked it. Hes a lot like me we decided. Were both perfectionists and we get impatient with people that don''t want to help us hit our goals.

Last week after emails,we just went out and partied with the zone. . today were gonna do the same.    The work is going great. Our weather is pretty springy too. Its gonna be rainy this week. Its been way warm lately though. it got up to high 70s a few times.

Love you,
Elder Deans

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