Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Memorial City, Week 32: April 27, 2015 - May 3, 2015

Monday, May 4, 2015

So, here’s the hot poop... I’m gettin the boot. I’ll be transferred on Wednesday. I won’t know where until then. But,I can still assure you that we will talk on Sunday! Its pretty tough knowing I’m off to a new adventure. Elder Christensen is nervous and I have to help him feel confident in taking over the area. He can do it. He’s had the practice and has been learning from my example for a long time. I totally saw this coming though, I could just tell it was my time. But, I’m grateful. It’s always great to be able to see more of the mission and work with another elder. I wont be training again! At least know that much.

Some other cool news, I ate some weird exotic food this week for the first time. We had dinner with a Peruvian family from the ward last night and they told me to try this meat that they had. They asked if I wanted to know what it was before I ate it or after. I told them to tell me after, I had already finished it, ha ha. Turns out, it was kinda gross. It didn’t have much flavor and it was pretty chewy. It was eticocha, cow heart. I don’t think I’d be able to eat it again knowing what it was. But, I’m super happy to see I’ve had something way out there! And that I was able to eat it and neither gag or make me feel sick.

Things with Josh are good and bad. Bad news... he didn’t make it to church. He also can’t make the 16th for baptism. But, on the bright side, we had a cool lesson and taught him about temples and family history this week. President Ashton wants us to teach about it right after they decide to be baptized to help them get excited and also feel responsibility to work and be baptized for their ancestors. It helps them a lot. Josh thought it was amazing and would love to go to the temple with us. He also almost made up for the not showing at church by sending me a text yesterday asking what he should be reading in the Book of Mormon. I reminded him of the chapter we left with him and he read it that night. So that shows he still likes reading. There was just a huge championship fight this weekend on tv. It was like the super bowl out here. Talk of the town. Josh stayed up late doing that and was too tired for church. I tried to plead with him Sunday morning, but he didn’t answer. So, I just had to leave a message.

Saturday night and Sunday were way fun though. We had stake conference. Elder Hallstrom from the Presidency of the Seventy came to visit with another brand new authority named Elder Haney. They were so inspired. Stake Conference is awesome. Things are taught in such a great way. We didn’t ride the bikes quite 18 miles this week, ha ha, no. We rode a lot because it was the end of the month but then we purged on the car when May started. We still work out every day. Yeah I couldn’t go without it. Even in the next area I’ll make sure it happens. We just had a gym here at this place. I hope I get one in the next area. I’ve had plenty to eat. We’re getting fed more and more and also lots of good food at the apartment when we don’t.

Things are pretty good. We saw lots of members and less active members this week. A family that’s recently gone inactive recently and that we've been working with, let us come over on Tuesday. They also had no idea about stake conference, so we gave them the low down and they actually came! It was sweet to be able to see them acting and making commitment for the Lord again. Glad we were part of it.


Elder Janz

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