Monday, May 18, 2015

Memorial City, Week 30: April 13, 2015 - April 19, 2015

Monday, April 20, 2015

Had a pretty good week this week! Definitely saw the miracles come down. So, the first was that we were able to meet with Tami. It had been just over a month. She’s been so busy and she also got sick somewhere in that gap. We were just about to give her a break because every time we set an appointment she would cancel the day before. Buuuutttt, this week we had an idea to find out what we can do to hold on to her. We just showed up and surprised her on Wednesday. We didn’t call like before, just wanted to come by and hope for the best. It was funny because as we walk in the complex, I was like "man someone is really rocking out!” There was some 80s pop being blasted from around her area. Then we get closer and find out it was her apartment! She had the door open. I went upstairs and poked my head in and said, "excuse me?" over the loud music. She was just cleaning the place like crazy. Then she heard me and was really happy to see us. It was a good reunion. She let us in and we had a solid lesson. This is only the second time we have seen her. So, we just went over and asked what she remembered from the first time and clarified and reminded of the importance of the restoration. But the best part about it was that she remembered the major points we talked about the first time! She remembered exactly what revelation was and why Joseph Smith was so important. She even said she wants to come to church not even being asked. She didn’t make it yesterday, but she will be there next week. And, she accepted to be baptized She just didn’t want to set a date. We'll try again on Wednesday.

Another miracle is that we were able to meet with Josh again and had a great second lesson. It was awesome following up about what he thought about the Book of Mormon and our first visit. He read the Book of Mormon like we asked and he received an answer that it is true, way cool!! By the time we left he accepted to be baptized on May 16th. We addressed his concern of not being ready by telling him he’s already making huge steps and that if he continues to meet with us and comes to church, he'll naturally feel more worthy like he wants to and be ready for baptism. It’s weird teaching him too because he’s my age and we could just be friends and hang out if i wasn’t serving.

Another cool miracle was that we were able to have a first lesson with a dude that lives in our complex and we've known for a while. He’s said he wants us to come over but we've tried and tried for months and have just missed him. We keep seeing him and saying hi and setting something up and repeat. But, we saw him last night and ended up teaching him in a bad rainstorm in the middle of the parking lot in his garage. It was so cool that we finally had a sit down lesson, and quite a unique one as well. But that went really well and he wants to be baptized, just doesn’t want to set a date because he’s always so busy. His name is Dante.

Marjorie was not baptized this week. We haven’t been able to get in contact with her. She does this every once in a while and its lame, but we keep trying and she finally gets in touch. The good part is that she isn’t bugged by our persistence and appreciates our concern. We’ve been talking to the Mayberry’s. They haven’t sent us their address, we’ve tried. I’m just glad they’re doing okay and they’ve got a place. Things are quite nice out here though. Elder Christensen is teaching more. It’s finally not just Elder Deans teaching and a few words from his companion. It’s becoming more equal. 

Man, we have been getting so dang wet on the bikes lately. I went through every shirt and all my pants this week in laundry. Every day the mud gets me. It was ridiculous on Thursday night. We biked home from basketball and it was raining pretty good. We get going and I think man... we’re pretty wet and we’re not even half way. Then a few minutes later, since the streets were so full of water, I got 'tidal waved', as we call it. A car flung all the water gathered around the curb up at me, just like in the movies. I literally screamed right after because it was so much water and it was like the ocean fell on my lap. That’s when I realized, noowwww  I’m wet. Before, that was nothing. So we made it home safe, but everything was absolutely soaked, like swimming. Our scriptures and phone were okay because we kept them in baggies within our carry bags. That was a fun night. It was classic missionary struggle on the bike. But, this week was a good week. We did tons of Goodwill, it’s like Texas DI. We helped some members move and got lunch money from it. Also helped a non-member lady with the sister missionaries reorganize and clean her house after having a 'Night in Paris' party. She was awesome. The sisters are going to start teaching her now because we all had a lesson before we left. 

Love you,
Elder Janz

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