Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Memorial City, Week 31: April 20, 2015 - April 26, 2015

Monday, April 27,2015

Had a sweet week! Miracles were popping up because I think we’ve been working harder than ever before. Plus, we’ve been a lot more obedient and patient with the Lord. Had a good week this week! Josh got to come to a baptism in our ward, someone that the sister missionaries taught. We also know the family way well and the girl who got baptized I even taught a little too.  But Josh liked it. He learned what they’re like and got excited for his in a few weeks. We weren’t able to teach him this week though, so that stunk. But,  I’ve never brought an investigator to a baptism, so i know that’s a big accomplishment.

We also found new investigators this week, 3 to be exact. They’re all kind of neat stories and miracles. So, the first two were found by us talking to some guy on the street a little bit ago. He said we could come by and share more with him. So, we went to meet back up with him and he wasn’t home. Tried again another day and same thing. Then, finally his roommates answered. But, again he’s not home, But this time the spirit told to keep talking to the roommate. We got to know him a little and explained who we are and i asked if we could share our message with him. He let us in and we had a way good lesson. His name is Mike. Turns out,  he’s been looking for a church. He was way curious and eager to learn. And he accepted to be baptized but doesn’t want to set a date yet. Then, as we are leaving, the other roommate who was listening in from another room, said that he would take a Book of Mormon as well. We felt way cool after that. Those miracles are just so fun. We went back a couple days later and Mike wasn’t home, but the guy that wanted a Book of Mormon was and he let us in. He wants to hear the lesson we had with Mike. His name is Larry. We had a great lesson with him too, and he even accepted to be baptized May 30! So, its been nuts with this house and whats turned out from just talking to one guy on the street. It just shows that some people really are waiting to hear from us and ready to move on

We got in touch with Marjorie this week. Weren’t able to teach but we talked for a little bit and  set up to go see her tomorrow. So we will invite her to be baptized in a couple weeks. She is really close. She just keeps losing contact and getting busy. She only needs a few more lessons.

The other new investigator that we found was a neat story too. We actually met him two months ago and again was just an OYM (Open Your Mouth) or quick conversation on the streets. We gave him our card with info and tried meeting with him, but it never worked out and we lost contact. But, he held on to that card and this week he looked at it and called us because he got kicked out of his house. His family is crazy and he’s on the streets for a little while. He wanted to go to church and hear more about our message. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find him a ride. But, we met him last night. I brought him some food and water too. He’s a way cool kid. He’s 29 and his name is Gene. We had a good talk and then taught the first lesson. We actually taught it in front of the local high school on a bench because it was closest and most comfy I suppose. We also saw some less actives come to church again this week. It’s awesome because we keep working with them and they’re getting back into the swing of things.

We biked a lot this week. We biked over 18 miles on Friday. We went into the sisters area during the day. They’re in the ward,  but the other half. We decided to try some less active families over there. The families the sisters haven’t tried. It was fun to see a newer part of Houston. We even biked along a busy highway at one point, haha.

But things are pretty good. Elder Christensen is doing better and better. He’s still a little reserved on teaching powerfully and being able to elaborate and teach more than a small idea. But we talked about it a lot last night and he said he is still nervous and feels weird teaching. So, we needa help him get some social skills we decided. He needs to be less shy and more confident in himself. Plus transfers are coming up next week, so we might get split up. I’ll let you know next time. I actually think I will get transferred, who knows though. 


Elder Pantz 

When I told the restaurant my name was Lehi for my order

Looks like I'm almost home!

Here's the wreckage after rain storms!

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