Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Alvin Texas, Week 47: August 10, 2015 - August 16, 2015

Monday, August 17, 2015

The work is going extraordinary. I'm finally seeing what its like to be a full purpose missionary. The Lord has blessed us so much. Just had a baptism, hit me way hard because haven't had one in a while, and I got way close to that family, and on top of that we're finding even more people that want to be baptized. Its just so humbling knowing that the Lord trusts me to do all this and he knows we can help all these people. Feels amazing. The Spirt is just comforting me so much. All the times I get stressed or down get completely erased once we see things like we saw this week. Then it changes me and increases my faith. I learned this week that there really isn't anything to worry about too much. Its the Lords work and he will push me along through it and make things happen if I just trust him and do it his way.

This. Was. The. Best. Week. Of. My. Mission. I dont even know where to begin! haha I literally just can't explain how awesome things have been. I'll show you my journal when I get home and we can talk more about it in the future. But, I will try my best to fill you in right now. So for starters.. I got to confirm Brittany a member of the church and give her the holy ghost. That was amazing. I love how certain things come to mind for me to say and thats exactly what she needs. Made her cry. Twas perfect. I was so happy and proud of her. She also went to a dinner with us later that night. For our lesson there, we just asked if we could have a mini testimony meeting. We all shared testimonies and even Brittany bore her testimony for the first time! Too dang cool. The Spirit was so strong. It's amazing how testimonies can do that. Plus I'm just so proud of Brittany and her husband.

We also had ridiculous success given to us by the Lord as far as finding new investigators!!! We met a girl named Love, thats our age, early in the week. We met her by trying her roommate who used to talk to missionaries. The roommate wasn't too interested anymore, but Love was way open and we later find out that she is golden.She was ready to hear the gospel! We had the best lessons with her, saw her four days straight, in a row! haha That just never happens here. And she wants to be baptized and is loving everything we share with her. One day we came over and she didn't answer and we just walked around the apartments waiting for her to hopefully come home soon. Then we found her in the middle park area of the apartments reading the Book of Mormon. She is awesome. She's from Nigeria too. She's just been such a miracle. She was sick and wasn't able to make it to church, but she is still doing real good and will progress.

Another way sweet miracle that we saw.. this actually just barely happened two hours ago. So, you almost got live news haha. But, we got a referral on our phone from Salt Lake letting us know about a lady that wanted a Book of Mormon. We went to go try her and drop it off and talk about it right away. She answered and confirmed all the things we got on the phone, but she didn't have any time and told us to come back this morning. So, this morning we go over, come to find out she's been reading the Book of Mormon and has tons of questions. We got to go in and have a super duper first lesson. She even had her whole family come meet us and join. But, the lesson was amazing. Her name is Angela. She was loving it and she said that she even saw us as an answer to her prayers. She prayed a couple days ago that she wanted to become a better christian and then all of a sudden we came along. She told us about that and cried from the spirit that came. She knows this is something that will change her life. They even accepted baptism, they just said they want to learn more and more before. But, I felt so humbled as we left though. The Lord has blessed us so much lately. We literally have the coolest people to work with. These people and these things are just meant to be. makes me so happy.

Eric was able to come to church after a long absence! It was so good. He is on tract for baptism this weekend if he gets married in these next few days. Another amazing moment is when we went over yesterday to see him and he told us that he was picking up the marriage certificate in a couple days. They have everything all planned out! So crazy to think that this is actually happening. I flipped out when he told me. I got so excited because its what we have been hoping and dreaming for for a while and he's just straight doing it now. His daughters are 9 and 11.

Brendan also made it to church this week and he is doing really good. We got to teach him quite a bit. he is progressing way well just doesnt have a baptismal date currently. But im A-okay because I can tell he is working for it and he wants to feel more spiritual first.

As far as the gator exploring, We went to a state park. It was just like going up to Brighton and then seeing a bunch of wildlife but instead of mountains, a crazy swamp with alligators around them. I didn't get to feed any, I could've. I almost stepped on one I got so close haha. It was my companionship and the other elders in the ward that went. So, 5 of us took the mom van that they drive. I've got lots of pictures. Yes. I can send them.

As far as the weather, I've already melted tons of times! We get turned back into solids once we get inside though. It's been crazy hot. But we also have got some rain too.

But things are so good out here. Its the time of my life and I dont wanna leave the area at all. Everything about it is fun, the ward, we're busy, my comps. It actually is fun. Doesnt even seem like work sometimes. Just doing what we do and having a blast.But, Im just so thankful for how things are. Life is just a joy. I'm glad we're doing things that are way different, but yet so excited about it and having a blast. I just want you to be here so I can talk to you and show you all this.

Love ya,



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