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Alvin Texas, Week 48: August 17, 2015 - August 23, 2015

Monday, August 24, 2015

This week was interesting. Lots of good and lots of unnecessary things as well haha. The good was that we were able to find a new family to teach! The other family we found, that I said was a miracle, isn't letting us come back. The mom talked to her husband, who wasn't there, and he doesn't agree and approve. So we have to wait for a while to get back to them. But the Lord gave us another one! They're the Beverlys. Its a mom and two boys. Things are going awesome with them. We've seen them three times now. They weren't able to come to church, but they're progressing besides that. Even reading the Book of Mormon and have a goal for Sept 12 baptism.

We were able to have all of Erics family in church! He wasnt able to get married this week :( He didn't have enough money for a marriage license. Thats the only thing holding him back from it. He's also got to get more serious about the word of wisdom too. He lives it for a few days and then relapses. But he's just the best. We got to see him and his kids a few times this week. They still want to be baptized all together and they even set a date for themselves this time, they picked Sept 12. We thought maybe that would help and give him some initiative. We've got lots of peeps that wanna get dunked on that day, should be wonderful.

We also had Brendan in church this week. He had a good time. We weren't able to teach him much. We only saw him once. But, he's got great relationships with the ward and. He even came to a dinner with us and some members. This is his second one! Already ffeels like he's part of the ward. He just needs to quit word of wisdom problems.

But all the investigators are doing pretty well. Best ones right now are Erics fam, Beverlys, Brendan and another Eric we've known for a long time. And he actually accepted a date this week for Sept 12 as well. He's a bro. He's a couple years older than me and it feels like were just good friends.

This week had some wonky things and things that weren't so great. I went on two exchanges to help other elders this week. The first one didn;t go so well. Wasn't much work done there. They weren't that spiritual and it was hard to feel the Lords presence there. We had a good 'ol time though, played lots of guitar with them. Just wasn't a lot of work we could do. The second exchange was a lot better. I went to the other area in the ward to help Elder Grondel. We had a wicked sweet day. We biked around there a lot. We would take long drives and road trips to certain places and then get out and bike. We found some new peeps for him to teach! We get along great and I could be more spiritual with him and still have goofy and fun times. So that was nice. The funny thing is that while I was doing that, my companions were joined by his companion and they did not like each other much. They had a hard day haha. I came back so happy and they were just exhausted. Got to talk about it a lot, and repent ha ha. It happens. Can't be all buddy buddy every day. Things are better now though. We're with them right now actually. Everyone got over it. .

Im doing excellent! Think I will be transferred this time. Been in Alvin since May. This has been tied with my last area for longest area so far. Bike is doing great. I had to get a new tube this week though. We also put on rear view mirrors on the handles to be cool and just so we can see cars coming up on us. Looks sweet. I also bought a honky horn for it today since the other two have little bells on their bikes, they ring. I guess you could say we like to deck out our bikes haha. But the fender is still on and the bike is very good. My calfs and thighs are definitely more large haha yes. I love and miss you tons!

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