Sunday, October 18, 2015

Alvin Texas, Week 49: August 24, 2015 - August 30, 2015

Monday, August 31, 2015

Had a good 'ol week!! We saw some great miracles throughout the week. Unfortunately, we didn't have any of our investigators in church yesterday due to many different problems. But we had a great week with them and taught like no tomorrow. Eric is still good to be baptized soon. In two weeks.Im way close to him too so i think ill cry when hes dunked. He's doing good. He's reading and he's still working on the word of wisdom, but he'll get it. He also is just about to get married. They're just financially struggling and waiting for the money to get a license I guess. Its just he and the girls that wanna be baptized, not the wife... yet. We'll see. I actually got to talk to her for the first time in ages. She's nicer than I thought. Just not interested haha.

Brendan is doing pretty good. He's been busy with work and family trips. He just needs to read more. We had a powerful lesson with him where Elder Noles and I cried and shared testimony about Christ and how real he is, becuase Brendan isn't sure yet. Gotta pray for that boy. The other Eric wants to be baptized but he needs to come to church! He hasn't been able to come. We had some good lessons with him.

It's pretty funny, we also found some college girls to teach now haha. We were trying by a less active and found out that he doesn't live there anymore. We spoke to a girl who answered and we explained blah blah blah and then we actually got to go in and share a good restoration lesson with her the first day. And then come back the day after and teach her roommate too. It's weird though because we think they like us a little. They're kinda flirty. We had to be super careful and decided to get members to come over with us and that will help.

Lois is dropped. We're not seeing her anymore. She's too weird and uninterested haha. And Angela hasn't got back to us. Probably not for a while. But Love is back in business with us! We went over yesterday randomly and she let us in! That was amazing. She's good.

Oh, just a big news flash, I guess. I sang in sacrament meeting yesterday. I guess it went well cause all the girls flipped out. Everyone loved it. Elder Grondel and I sang 'Lead Kindly Light' with a different piano arrangement by Bro Newbold our WML. Twas so fun to be a rocker again haha. One sister wants me to go record it in a studio, we'll see. But things are great great great. Still think I'm gonna be transferred. Hope not, but i'll let ya know next week.

To answer your questions, we have two beds and an air mattress in the apartment. The apartment actually isn't tight quarters. It's really nice and open. We like it. Haha, no hurricanes yet, shoot. My companions want some to come soon. They don't get it. Those sound awful. But, we get to leave and do fun stuff so maybe thats why they want to see one. Or just so they can take pictures and say they've been through one. . Thanks for everything.

Love and miss ya tons!


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