Thursday, October 29, 2015

Alvin Texas, Week 50: August 31, 2015 - September 7, 2015

Tuesday 09/08//15 

Had a way good week this week! But big news... TRANSFERS affected us. Both my buds are leaving me. I dont know if i'll get two new comps or if it'll go back to normal companionship. I totally thought I would leave here. I was shocked. Its all good though. Elder Noles needs more growth. He's doing so good these days. I love em. Same with Elder Theis. This will be a hard goodbye. But, we're gonna hang back in UT. so it'll be okay. But, we had a blast our last week as a trio. The boys are heading out to who knows where. They will find out tomorrow at this time and i'll find out who my new companion or companions are. But Elder Theis will go home eventually and tell me. he wants to come over.

Oh and Momma! Become friends with Ceteka Perry on Facebook. She is in my ward and recorded my song and wants to show you okay? She invited you to be friends on the FB. Just talk to her and you'll love the video. She thinks you'll cry. Sure you will.

So this week was good with investigators! No huge leaps forward but constant work with them. Eric B is still unmarried and working on WOW. Thats okay. He,s reading the Book of Mormon every day and he's a great friend, so its just a matter of time. We had a good time with Eric V this week. He is doing good but wasn't able to come to church. That stinker works a ton. He saw Slipknot the other night in concert out here and told me about it. That was awwweeesoommmee. He's a cool kid. I don't know if we will be able to baptize many people this weekend. They need a little more time. Hopefully the week after this one. I'll let you know. One family dropped us. They don't wanna look into the church anymore. Something happened and they don't want us over, whatever. Its sad but i'll give it time and go back in a month or so. There's still plenty of other prepared investigators. We have some new investigators. We have Adrian and Rhonda. Rhonda knows lots of members and called us last week and said " Can I come to church with ya'll this Sunday?" Of course we were like " No, that's weird" haha. She ended up coming and had a way good time. She liked fast and testimony meeting. Adrian is about 25ish and he came to church and loved it as well. Hopefully teaching them more tomorrow and Thursday.

We had a major miracle when we met a sweet lady named Merri this week. We just looked at the ward list and decided to visit some less actives and the one that jumped out to us on paper was Merri. We went over there and she let us right in and was happy to meet us. She is around 40 and has a tonnnnn going on. We got to know her for a few mins and then she told us all her follies and why she isn't as close to the Lord right now. She broke down big time. The Spirit was so strong. It actually caused me to have Christ like charity for her because I saw that she didn't want to be where she was and she just needed hope. We ended up giving one of the most powerful lessons on the Savior's Atonement I have ever shared and giving her a priesthood blessing. We all walked out of there almost crying. I was so humbled. It felt so amazing to do that. Way privileged. Hopefully we can see her again soon. but it was awesome.

I've heard the mountains there look awesome. I'd love to see that. Are they changing color? We have no mountains and we have no color to change for this fall.How fun, haha, but its all good. Alvin is pretty is other ways. Have a good week.

Love and miss you,
Elder Pantz




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