Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Alvin Texas, Week 46: August 3, 2015 - August 9, 2015

Monday, August 10, 2015

Howdy hey!! She got dunked!! Brittany was baptized yesterday right after church. I actually got the privilege of ordaining her husband to the office of priest so he could baptize her. It was straight amazing. Made me wanna cry all afternoon. We're gonna be great friends with them. We also have a FHE with them tonight at some other members house. Should be coolio julio.

Lois is doing interestingly. We had a good lesson with her yesterday though. Almost taught the whole lesson just by asking questions that allow her to think and convince her of a Restoration. Was fun. She is wonky. She gets off track so fast. We have a funny relationship too because she's like my grandma and were goofy around each other, haha.

huge huge miracles with Eric!!! HE finally talked to his wife to settle things down and she accepted to get married!! I fasted for that. It was such an amazing experience talking to him about it. He wants to be baptized ASAP. He totally will. Plus, he also wants his daughters to be baptized now! So we've been teaching them a little. So cool.

Brendan is pretty legit still. Couldn't make it to church this week due to emergency, but we had two awesome lessons. He wants to be baptized on the 29th. I'm excited. He can do it. Karen and Kristella are in timeout. They aren't in contact and making me mad, haha. We'll see.

But, had a miraculous week. I think it was the best of my mission really. We were blessed to the max. Power of the trio I guess. We love our companionship. We're all best buds and work our butts off. Elder Noles is doing awesome. Growin like a weed. Been great to meet more people. We found a bunch of new investigators this week.

The zone leader stuff is going alright. Got to visit a sister who just got her wisdom teeth out. Gave her some ice cream. That's my contribution to the zone for the week haha. It's been good though. I like to think I'm a good teacher, haha. I try my best. I feel like having lots of love for everyone we talk to helps. Plus I've had almost a years worth of practice. It's weird realizing how long I've been out and how much more time I have left. I'm almost halfway done. Scary. Feels like 6 months or so.

We got a way good zone conference coming up on Wednesday and President is changing a few things. We had a meeting with him as zone leaders this week and we prepared for zone conference. Had a great time. He's awesome. He's just so down to earth and normal, haha.

It's been hotter than satan out here. I'm sick of it. This week will be crazy. I got super sunburned last week. We have been biking like crazy. It all went away last night though, I'm good. About to go visit some alligators at a nearby state park and walk around. I'll send some pictures next week.

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