Monday, September 14, 2015

Alvin Texas, Week 44: July 20, 2015 - July 26, 2015

Monday, July 27, 2015

Had a silly but super week!!! Some of the weird things were that we saw one of our less active dudes answered the door nude and told us to basically not come back for a while. Also Lois wasn't able to make it church this Sunday. She calls me later and tells me that when her ride came she was "doing the duty" and coudln't make it and felt bad. She also made it to a baptism on Saturday and bore a 15 minute testimony when everyone was invited to come up and share a testimony. It was tough. She went way off topic. Our ward mission leader had to go up and tell her to focus on Christ and then she finished. But that was all kinda crazy...

Buuutttttt good good news. I found out last night via text that I will be training a new missionary in my area this Wednesday!! Got a new comp on the way! a newbie too, wee hoo! I'm stoked. I'll still be a zone leader too so tha'tll be nuts. Lots of the zone is getting transferred. Elder Ve'e is leaving and I'm getting a new zone leader companion, little nervous for that.The zone leader stuff is going really well. I think everyone is learning from me and respects and loves me. Seems that way anyways. Been on a few exchanges with the elders and talk to the sisters quite a bit. I'm way excited for this transfer becuase now I'm the main zone leader since Elder Ve'e is leaving. Gotta keep up the hard work and love for these guys. It's been fun though. President helps me a lot too with anything I need. Or, he just gives wise trainings and I echo them to the zone. Things are way fun out here. Way happy get to stay and work with a brand new missionary.

The week was really fun though. We ended up having Brendan and Brittany in church. It was one of the best Sundays I've had in a long time. Very spiritual meetings and talks and everyone had a good time. We even had a "linger longer" afterward and ate food and socialized. Brendan was even invited to go to a BBQ with some recent converts in the ward. We all went and fished, BBQ'd and had a cool lesson. Twas a great time. We're all good friends.

So, we do the ward movie night every month. It's every third week. Maybe next time we will watch 17 miracles. Kristella has not made it to church. Giving her a break for a while. She's out of contact. Brittany is still way on track. She's reading and she loves church. Lessons are going quite well too. Eric is doing better. I went and saw him, to check on him. He actually read a little and gettin along with girlfriend a little more. Gotta get him to church though. Karen is out of contact. Brendan is becoming a way good friend and awesome investigator. He had a good week and hopefully he gets more serious about baptism. Wants to do it but not soon. The tattoo guy is also out of contact. Maybe something this week, his name is Asa. NO new investigators.

I am doing goooooodd! Yeah I'm solid. My week was awesome this week because I decided to just be happy and relax and worry more about others. Yeah, the weather has been a little lame, getting hotter and hotter and biking and biking. Luckily I haven't been burned or dehydrated though! People give us tons of water. My shirts get wrecked every time, get so wet and dirty.

Love and miss ya too!





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