Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pearland Texas, Week 69: January 11, 2015 - January 18, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016

We had a pretty good week!! Got to teach our kiddos about to be baptized next week again. We did an interactive Restoration lesson using a Jenga game and it had like Apostles and Priesthoood and Book of Mormon as the blocks so we built the church and then it fell and restored it again. It went well! except they got distracted quite a bit and played haha Going over tonight and teaching about the 10 Commandments and especially the Sabbath. Had a excellent lesson with Brooke this week! we actually went on three way splits because the whole priests quorum came to help us teach. Elder Dawe went to see her and said she was stoked to learn and read. She had read like 5 chapters while we were away. She made us proud haha. Still hasn't come to church yet though, that stinker. She was out of town and plans to come next week.

We had a way cool opportunity to go downtown for a service project. We went to a massive health clinic to work with the city on a thing called "Saving Smiles" where they do a free tooth cleaning and multiple classes for kids with low income families. Elder Dawe and I were together and Evans went and did spanish stuff. We read tests out loud for kids, we graded tests and we input all the test results onto a website they put up. It was super fun. You could feel a great Spirit there. Its funny because it made me think even more about if I wana be a teacher. I was kind of scared day dreaming about it at times because some classes were quite rowdy. But then after leaving I thought that It wouldnt really be that bad. Just as long as you love the little guys and teach the best and most fun you can.

We didn't get over to Sister Radamacher this week. Thanks for the reminder though. Tequisha is dunzo. We dont teach or talk to her at all anymore. Buuuttt... there are some new peeps. We found two new potentials in 10 minutes yesterday. We were up in the ghetto of Houston having a blast. The first one is Juanita and we talked to her husband cleaning his 2016 corvette and he wasn't hearing us much and then she came out and just started being way friendly. Apparently she has talked to some mormons before and was just asking beautiful questions that allowed us to teach and then give her a Book of Mormon. We are going back on Friday. The other one we found was their neighbor and she was actually a referral from SLC. She had requested a free Bible. (we get lots of those here) Her name was Mrs. King. She's in a wheelchair and the sweetest and most chill middle age black lady i've met. She was happy to get the Bible and then I asked her what she knew about the crazy Mormons and she said that it sounded interesting so I taught her about the Book of Mormon and she gladly took one of those too. Going back to see her on Friday as well.

Glad you loved the cowboy pic. I should maybe get a shirt eventually and add it to that. Plus some slightly looser jeans will be much appreciated, those were tight. The zone is doing great. No big issues here. We just need to work on our finding efforts and planning. I went on an exchange with other elders like a couple weeks ago. Went awesome. was able to teach him a lot about the ins and outs and simple comp study things that make lesson planning better and we also had a better nightly planning time. Going with the APs in a few days too so that'll be awesome.

Love ya!

Sticker that represents service we did at the Health Clinic

Member's Underwater Welding Helmet

The construction crew
Doing service for WML. Making an attic.

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