Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pearland Texas, Week 68: January 4, 2016 - January 10, 2016

Monday, January 11, 2016

We had a way good week this week!!  We definitely are having more teaching opportunities. With both less active and investigators. It was the best we had in a long  time. Our biggest miracle is that we now have 2 new baptismal dates for Jan 30th and its Damon and Skylin who are 9 and 10 yrs old. Started teaching them because their uncle is an active member and we got with him and planned to work with the youngins. They also came to church and seemed to have a fun time!

We had a great time with our members this week too. Finally got to go over and have dinner with the Bishop. I love those guys. Hes a lot like Uncle Todd. They made some plans to do missionary work with us and have people over soon. I also got to play guitar and sing in another dinner appointment with the Ahlstrom family. They invited me to do it a while ago and I knew I couldn't pass it up so I performed "There is A Green Hill..." again. Twas good.

Sister Radamacher is alright. She didnt make it to church but we will see her again this week I think Tequisha is on pause for now. We keep calling and texting her and it leads to nothing. Brooke is doing super!! We went over and read a chapter of the Book of Mormon with her and she was way into it and then at the end of all that she offered to say the closing prayer. Thats huge for her because she is working on praying even by herself and reading more and making it to church. She didn't come to church either but we'll ask about it in a couple days. I'll send some pictures today. I keep forgetting or technology wigs out and restricts me haha.

My bike is working out swell just sitting out locked up on the patio. Its doing good. Need to clean it and lube the chain. also need to get a tune up on the gears and positions because it got a little off in Alvin, but its fine.
Found out today for sure we as a trio will be together for another transfer. That should be sweet. We have been working hard and having fun.

Love you tons,
Elder Deans

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