Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Pearland Texas, Week 70: January 19, 2016 - January 224, 2016

Monday, January 25, 2016

We had a bomb week this week. It was FILLED with goodness. We now have 5 different people that want to be baptized. We have the kiddos still, but their date changed from this weekend to mid February. And now we have Andrea, Tony and Wilda. So ill tell you how it all happened with em.

So, Andrea was a referral from some people in the ward named the Kenworthys. We set up a lesson with her and we actually had our first lesson in the Kenworthys home! Thats ideal in missionary world. Thats golden. Andrea was very comfortable. She wanted to learn and the lesson on the Restoration went awesomely. She said she would like to be baptized and the goal is for Feb 20. She's only 17 years old and both us and the Kenworthys have talked to her Mom and her mother is supportive which makes it all possible.

Tony is a crazy story... We met him through going to visit a recent convert of ours. We planned to go teach Jerrod and then as we went inside to teach we saw that someone else shared a room with Jerrod. The guy had no shirt, was laying down in his bed smoking a cigarette and watching a movie. This guy was Tony. Hes a 55 year old black dude. He was way friendly and put out the cigarette as we came in and put on a shirt and would allow us to teach him as well. We decided to teach the Restoration and focus on him and Jerrod could also help. The lesson went great and Tony also wants to be baptized and understands that this church has the Priesthood Authority of God and no other church has that. He just barely moved in with Jerrod and he came from another part of Houston after a nasty breakup. He didn't bring anything with him. We gave him some clothes and toiletries so he could come to church. He ended upcoming to church!! I was with him the whole time while my companions visited and took care of everything else.

Wilda was a media referral from Salt Lake. We saw that she requested a Bible. So one night we went over to deliver it to her and we did and she was excited but we also asked if we could teach her about Christ out of the bible and she let us in. Again we taught the Restoration. She was very comprehensive and agreed to be baptized on Feb 20. The two new people that we found on Monday that I told you about last email are not so cool. We didn't see one of them and the other was very sick. So thats on hold.

We also just yesterday had a very spiritual afternoon because we delivered the sacrament to those that are not healthy enough to come. Our first stop was with a sister named Sis Butler. Shes a very old black lady that can't get out of bed. We got to know her, sang a hymn and then administered the sacrament. She was way grateful to see us. The Spirit was uber strong there. She bore powerful testimony about how the gospel has blessed her family. After that we went to see the Hopkins family. They are older as well. The husband just got back from the hospital and is very close to death and they basically set up hospice for him at home. We did the sacrament and then we also got to give him and his wife blessings. Those made me cry. It was so special. But as you can tell, one of the best weeks on the mission. Were doing swell

I didnt realize the anniversary!! dang... I guess thats right. I'll be ready for next month on Feb 7 when I hit the 16 months in Houston.

Love ya
Elder Deans

Elder Jake Lives, inperson, at the

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