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Pearland Texas, Week 63: November 30, 2015 - December 7, 2015

Monday, December 8, 2015

 Im still alive!! I'm in Pearland now, if you wanna look it up. It covers Pearland, Fresno, Manvel and Houston. I'm in a nice apartment, a lot like my last one. The area is super new and sharp looking. We have mostly new suburbia around us. Tons of subdivisions and glorious apartment complexes and massive shopping centers. Its a whole other animal compared to Alvin. Buuuuuttt... I enjoy it. I'm actually not far from Alvin, just a little northwest.

I really like the new area and ward. But, its very different. The ward is even bigger as well. I am now serving in the Shadow Creek Ward! This ward is amazing. The members are so supportive. They come out with us, we do service with them and, earlier today, our WML's wife took us to Costco so we could use her card and get stuff we coudln't get elsewhere. We also get fed every day,which takes getting used to. Never before have I seen this type of care.

My companionship is actually a trio... AGAIN. My companions are Elder Dawe from Pleasant Grove (and no he doesn't know the Williams unfortunately) and Elder Evans from Grass Valley, California. Elder Evans was in my zone in the past. They've been out just a little longer than me. I'm still a zone leader and the other ZL is Elder Dawe. We are goofy goobers. We are all way open, no privacy, non stop humor and just coasting through life having fun. Doing all this but still  striving to work as hard as possible.

We were pretty blessed this week as far as the work too. We don't have too much investigator work going. We don't have investigators right now actually. We have potential investigators or people that we can start teaching but have only seen once or not at all. We taught lots of members, less actives and recent converts. But things are super fun over here. I'll send some  pictures next time. I'm also way excited for Christmas Skype!! Should be awesome.

Love you tons!
Elder Janz

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