Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pearland Texas, Week 64: December 7, 2015 - December 13, 2015

Monday, December 14, 2015

The ward here is very good to us, yes, just loving them all. We have had fun at church and with dinner appointments. They really take care of us and enjoy being with us. We will be with the Merkleys on Christmas morning so thats when we can get on Skype and talk to ya. It'll be around 9 or 10 and i'll have them contact you very soon so you have some info. I will not open the box until Christmas morning. I didn't last year when everyone else did. I waited until Christmas and for some reason everyone couldn't wait.

We had a pretty good week this week. We learned a lot about how to all be unified, work with the ward, plan more effectively.  Our highlights came from street contacting and finding like 3 potential investigators that agreed to have us back and accepted our Christmas Initiative "A Savior is Born" cards.You need to check out if you have not yet. There are some good Christmas videos on there. We got to teach an investigator in his home for the first time on Wednesday. His name is Marvin. He's a retired army 50 year old black dude. He's very sharp, intelligent, inquisitive. We love him. He's excited to read from the Book of Mormon and understands that the priesthood authority of Jesus Christ is back on the earth and its only in our church. He was shocked and doesn't quite believe it yet, but thats understandable and he's been praying on it. We needa follow up and go back in a couple days and see how that all went and hopefully read with him and invite him to church. Beside that we saw lots of active members for dinner and just visits. We made contact with a few LA and were seeing who we can get in consistent contact with. The baptism for the Tylers hasn't come yet. Elder Glover will let me know, we're probably a couple weeks away.

Companions are doing swell. I got to cut Elder Dawes hair today. Think its the best one I've ever done. I'm getting tons better. I'll cut hair when I get home. I just need some training on finger cuts and scissor work. Beside that I've been pretty good. I'll cut Dad's mop if he lets me after I prove myself or something.

Makes me happy that Pauline sent that picture of her and me on my last day in Alvin. She's bomb. I wanna go back to Alvin some day and talk to all them cool folks. That is so awesome to hear about the snow!! I miss it tons. I wanna snowboard pretty bad. Can't even sled here. There has been humidity and rain. It'll probably be in the 60s and 70s for Christmas. Kinda lame but you get used to it and being outside isn't as fun as just staying in. Have an awesome week this week. Thanks for sending all the Christmas stuff. Don't even worry about when I open it. I'll open it all on Christmas day.

Love you tons,
Elder Deans

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