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Alvin Texas, Week 62: November 24, 2015 - November 29, 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015

Haha I'm glad you enjoyed all the birthday buzz!! That cracks me up about Sis. Perry and you. I love how she is obsessed with elders' moms. Its like two worlds colliding. I have not picked up my treat package yet. I will be getting that and the belts this Wednesday because... I WILL be finally exiting ALVIN. I get transferred on Wednesday and will find out where I'll be that same day. Just got the call this morning to report to the meeting. Its scary. I haven't had to move in a loonnnggg time. Just have received people.

Tyler's came to church this week right after their cruise. Also John and Crystal a couple we teach are progressing more and we have spent lots of time over there. Tyler's won't make baptism this weekend, it'll probably be bumped to next week or two. Too much to teach and we need to talk to each of them and see where they are at spiritually. Then we will get a new date, hopefully in a week or so. I can go to the baptism whenever it is. I'll get a ride down to it. Wouldn't miss it!

Thanksgiving was great this year!! We had three appointments for food. We only made it to two because of overlap timing. We actually had a miracle at the first one. We got invited to a girl named Suzanne's house, who is a recent convert living here in Alvin. Her parents are anti LDS, but willing to have us over. First missionaries accepted to be over. So, I was nervous and wanted to do everything just right. We had a great dinner! We helped cooked dessert, talked plenty, and they respect us. We even got to share a message with a Christmas video. We showed the initiative from last year and then talked about it. IT was such a blessing and Suzanne was very grateful. We ate turkey, corn, stuffing, rolls, pecan pie, pear crisp. The other place we went to was John and Crystal some investigators that we have. They weren't so good at first when we met them a month ago. But now they are doing swell and keeping commitments and learning more. They gave us plenty of good food. The other elders went to the 3rd appointment at the church.

I definitely reflected on what I am grateful for. My mission president asked me via email and I told him I'm grateful for who the Lord has turned me into. I'm grateful that I teach powerfully and simply. Im grateful for the place I live and the atmosphere here. Lots of amazing people all around. Thanks for sharing what you're grateful for.

We actually got to go to the temple this week as well!! That was incredible. We went with Austin, he's the member that just got back from a mission and is a total rocker kid. He likes RED and Breaking Benjamin. We had such a good time. I did work for Ansel Lamb who is on the Deans' side. I found him a while ago doing family history. I'll send some pictures home soon. Got some good ones. I am way excited for the Skype home in 26 days. I'll get details soon and it'll be who knows where and what time that day. Love you tons!

Elder Deans

Janz with fellow Elders at the Houston Temple - Nov. 2015

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