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Alving Texas, Week 61: November 16, 2015 - November 23, 2015

Week 61

Monday, November 24, 2015

We had a really good week. We were busy and not just in a "lots to do" way. We actually had great contact with people, developed better relationships with both the Bishop and a few members of the ward and had an exchange with the Assistants to the president. I got to leave the area and go into their area for a day. That went awesomely. I was with Elder Tautu who actually will be going home with me I found out, that's always crazy but fun to think about.

The Tylers are currently on their cruise. Did I mention that last week or before? They are on a cruise in Mexico till Saturday or Sunday. Haven't heard anything from them but they took their scriptures and pamphlets and said they would study a little. Wyatt, the 14 yr old boy took charge and said he would pack it all and make sure everyone does the reading. Proud of him. He's like a little brother to me. New baptismal date for them December 6!! that'll come way soon and we think they WILL make this one.

The new Eric is swell. Should've had some contact with him this week but it was hard, couldn't quite get a hold of him. But we took a member over on Wednesday and taught the whole Restoration and it went incredible. It was a fun lesson. He was so intrigued and thoughtful. His catch phrase and what often comes out of his mouth when things are powerful is either "Man!... that is DEEP" or "OKAY, OKAY this is new!" He makes me laugh. Great guy.

Otis is doing better. He is almost ready to come to church. He has missed every Sunday but this week he agreed to a church tour that we will do either tomorrow or Wednesday. We also cleaned his apartment. Sometimes he gets too tired or in pain to do his chores. We had a good lesson last time though. Taught about the mercy of Christ and how that is applied to his life and especially to his potential baptism. He liked that. He also asked about the baptism of fire and enjoyed that discussion. Haven't heard much about other areas. Don't know how the recent converts are, which is sad. I don't have their info, but I should make the effort and talk to them.

Transfers are a week from yesterday. Yikes. I feel like I will leave. Find out the news next monday and ill let you know. Pretty sure ill miss the Tyler baptism unfortunately. Just seems like I gotta get on with the mission and see new areas and people. But who knows. Things are strange at transfers. I don't know what to think anymore.

We are spending Thanksgiving with some members of the ward. Their house is too small for all of us, so we have a big dinner planned, at the church actually. We're excited. Hope ya'll have a terrific Thanksgiving with family. Thanks for everything!

Love ya tons,

Elder Deans

Dinner Appointment this week, Bird Chow




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