Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Memorial City, Week 27: March 23, 2015 - March 29, 2015

Monday, March 30, 2015

So, we had a slower week, not nearly as exciting and able to do as much as the last two. We thought we were the only ones who struggled, but turns out the sister missionaries in the ward struggled too, and the whole district struggled as well. Then I read the report from President and in fact the whole mission had a rough week. So, that was interesting and, in a way, made me feel better. But, one thing I forgot to mention, people here have been swimming in the pools for two weeks now. So summer has begun here. It’s quite weird. But things with the investigators... The way i see it is that we had a rough week and not much worked out, 3but the few things that did happen were quite awesome and gave us hope.

The crazy sister family did accept to be baptized. We had a sweet lesson with them this week. We were worried about it because we had to teach outside since we didn’t have another man around the house. One of the mission rules, have to have 16 year old or older guys around to enter rooms with females. We planned to teach about temples and family history and even word of wisdom. We were just worried they wouldn’t understand or the word of wisdom wouldn’t be received well. But, we went out and taught by the apartment pool and just went for it. We just told ourselves the odds are against us, things aren’t ideal but it actually went really well. I felt like Christ teaching in Jerusalem and also on the shore of Galilee because they gathered around us and also had a few friends come over and we had a great lesson with them outside. They understood the need for temples and they accepted to live the word of wisdom! The Spirit really helped us teach these things to their understanding. The mom, Beverly, has a problem with smoking cigarettes, but we just promised her that the atonement and her strength will be enough to stop. She is very committed to it.

So we plan to see Marjorie tonight. The FHE is tonight and we also invited a less active brother to come as well since he doesn’t have any family to do it with. We weren’t able to see Marjorie or Sara this week. We called and called and eft messages and we’re just waiting to hear back. That’s the status with a lot of investigators. But, we also got another baptismal date with an investigator named Julie. She’s a young single mom probably around 20 or so. We have seen her twice now and she is solid. Very willing to read, pray and come to church. Unfortunately no investigators came to church. They had intention to, but things came up I guess. I just want to share testimony that sometimes the Lord humbles us and shows us that we need to still be happy and have tons of faith in him even if nothing is working out. He wants us to have the same drive as when things are great in the mission even if nothing is working out. And, I know that challenges are only temporary and that they come to help us be stronger and reminded that God is the one who plans everything out. Maybe that’s why this week was so rough, because the past two weeks were really good the Lord wants to show us that He is the one who made those things happen and not let the success get to our head.

We also had interviews with President this week. Elder Christensen was nervous for them. It was my first time too. He makes you teach him before the interview and then he gives feedback. Turns out Elder Christensen didn’t do so well. Probably because of nervousness. But he learned a lot from President right after and then the next day we studied what he wasn’t able to explain and he knows it well now. My interview went really well. I taught about repentance and President said I did a great job. But it was an interesting week. There were small little miracles and things to be excited about a midst lots of things to be sad and worried about. But we’re A Okay and glad that it wasn’t completely awful and we’re ready to begin a new week!

Love ya,
Elder Janz

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