Sunday, April 5, 2015

Memorial City, Week 26: March 16, 2015 - March 22, 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015

Tomorrow is a big day. 6 months a missionary. Maybe I’ll take the day off ;) Had a very fun week! Tons of work being done here. We got like 6 new investigators now! Found a family! We actually found them just threw saying hi as we walked through the apartment complex. Its a mom and two daughters in their twenties. They are just silly heads. The mom and one daughter are very unexpected and eccentric. The other sister is very calm and helps us keep things on track. They are very very talkative and got that southern attitude. They’re quite funny. We taught them two lessons and are loving them. They tried to come to church but just couldn’t find it. I plan to draw a simple map, it’s worked before. They accepted to be baptized and we’re going to extend a date of April 18 tomorrow. The other new investigators we have are from referrals and we got an investigator from knocking on a less actives door. We found out the guy who answered wasn’t who we were looking for, he had moved. But we got to explain who we are and what we do and even taught about prophets for a second at the door and he let us come back! So we came back a couple days later and had a great first lesson with him.

So the investigators are pretty good. Margerie came to church for the first time in ages. She’s tough though because she only can meet with us once a week and we still need to teach a few lessons. But we found a way around it. Some members she likes are having us all over for FHE and we can all teach her the next lesson she needs then. We’re going to extend a new date to her this Thursday. Hopefully she’ll be baptized in a couple weeks.

Sara was out of touch and they actually cancelled two appointments this week :/  So it seems like whenever we get our best investigators, they have hiccups and then we find other investigators to make up for that. But, we plan to see her tonight and we will go over temples again and move on. She can’t make April 4th either since she hasn’t come to church. You have to come to church 2 times before baptism.

Seeing David tomorrow and Tami on Wednesday. David, when we invited him, just told us that he already had been baptized as a baby. We explained, as nice as we could, that he needed agency and the priesthood to perform that baptism. He actually understood right then, but called the day after and was complaining about it, so it was tough. But he’s still willing to meet with us, so he was a little offended but apparently not enough to stop seeing us.

The Sutters are doing awesome. We went over there on Friday. They just got back from vacation since its spring break so they didn’t have time for a lesson. So we just said hi and asked how things were and set up to go see them this upcoming Friday.

Elder Christensen actually taught the basketball guys the lesson this week. He said it was scary at first but we decided if you can teach a bunch of ballers from all sorts of backgrounds, you can teach anyone. It built his confidence a ton.

Love you,
Elder Janz

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