Friday, May 8, 2015

Memorial City, Week 28: March 30, 2015 - April 5, 2015

Monday, April 6, 2015

Had a solid, solid week. Much better than last week. Just shows... life isn’t fair, but when things are good, the Lord is blessing us so things are more than fair. Conference was just amazing. Much anticipated for me. I was like a kid about to get a new toy on Saturday morning when it started up …so stoked. We watched conference at the church chapel. We also went over to some wardies and watched the Saturday afternoon session and had yummy dinner. We also got fed last night too. So we liked that a lot.  Even with lots of time devoted to watching conference, we got a lot done. Feels good to go from a rough week, last week, to a hard working, successful and even really spiritual week this week. Makes me happy. I even cried as the MoTab sang the last song at conference because I was just so grateful for everything i have  ...great parents and investigators, awesome prophet and church leaders, cool companion!  And, I’ve been out on my mission for a while and have learned a thing or two.

Investigators are definitely moving forward. We saw the Mayberrys this Tuesday. Had a good lesson with them and invited them to conference. They came to the Sunday morning session. We got nervous because they said they would come and then conference started and no sign of them. We were just waiting by the door. They eventually came like 15 mins in. Still got to see the first talk by Pres Monson. It was way funny. They started clapping after one of the songs the MoTab sang. It was way embarrassing, but no one did anything. I just kind of gave them 'the look'. Also, anytime they heard something really powerful, they would say ‘amen’ aloud. They’re just interesting women.

We also got to see Marjorie this week. That was a miracle. She’s been so flaky. We had a lesson at the church right before basketball night and had a member my age come with us to teach her and play ball. He’s taught her before and she really likes him. The lesson went great. We found out her concern, She has a friend destroying her faith, might be her mom, just didn’t specify, and she’s just been so busy. So, she broke down and we didn’t teach the whole lesson. We just comforted her and shared scripture and testified of things that helped her out. Sometimes you just gotta teach them, and not the lesson. We actually invited her to be baptized again and explained this is maybe what she needs to be able to strengthen her faith and trust God more. She accepted for the 18th. We'll see. So, that’s the family and her that day now.

Basket lessons have been getting more serious. We aren’t just doing thoughts or simple lessons. Now we’re giving them challenges. We spent the past two weeks talking about the Book of Mormon, what it is, why, and all that. We had them take some to read and report the next time. It’s going well. We also told them if this is something you feel is true or want in your life, think about baptism. We and a member taught about having proper priesthood authority too.

One way cool experience we had was that a sister from the ward called us after Sunday morning session and asked if we could come over and give her husband a blessing. He has a bad cold right now and he’s goin in for cataract surgery this Thursday. We said yes right away and she said she was very grateful because she’s never seen the ward or missionaries say yes to something so fast. I love giving blessings. I don’t get nervous anymore. It’s such a good feeling to know I can do that, that people rely on me for that chance to send God’s power down. I don’t know, just hit me and made me think how cool it is to be able to bless people, way!

Love you tons,
Elder Janz 

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