Saturday, January 31, 2015

Memorial City, Week 18: January 20, 2015 - January 25, 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015

So, this week wasn’t stellar. Johnny didn’t come to church so he can’t make February 7 now. Neither did Brian, but he’s on hold because he’s got family drama. But, Eva came to church and is good for this Saturday. We had a great time yesterday. She and her husband made friends as well. That’s a huge part of converts commitment, gotta have friends and fun at church. Johnny has stopped smoking this week. He just needs to come to church, get married and see us more often. He’s been working a lot and we’ve only had one lesson with him. The Bible to the office situation is done. He never called back or anything. So, all we did was drop off the Book of Mormon and Bible last week

We don’t knock doors, no, but we knock on neighbors doors of those that we work with and aren’t home. Bike riding is okay. It’s been warm this week, only rained once I believe. But, now its usually in the 70s. Bike works like a bike, esta bien. My companion isn’t too trunky. Yeah, a little, but its a good kind and its understandable. He’s sad he’s leaving this ward. So, we had interviews with president on Tuesday. Went great. He likes me and made me feel cool by talking about all the good I do. He just told me i need to fill out my indicator tracker more, a sheet that shows your goals week by week, so he and I can see trends.

 We got fed on Thursday!  That hasn’t been happening, but that went swell. I am close to that family. They’re the ones that moved in from San Fran a couple weeks ago. We’ve been over and they give us rides frequently. I got to give Krista, the wife, a blessing! And, it was even more exciting because I taught her husband, Rob, how to do it. He’s a recent convert and has never done a blessing, so he did the anointing and I did sealing and blessing.

Basketball went good. I was out training people with another good friend, Chase. Elder Davis did the lesson and I came back later and hung while everyone played. Friday, we went to an old folks home and visited an old sister named Maria. I love doing that. I even got to wheel her around! Saturday, again we hung with the old sisters. Three of them met us at Dimassi’s, a Mediterranean grill, and they paid for dinner. That was cool. But things are sweet. We also got fed last night and went to priesthood stake conference.

Love ya,

Elder Janz  

A family I worked with in League City baptized their son

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