Monday, February 9, 2015

Memorial City, Week 19: January 26, 2015 - February 1, 2015

Monday, February 2, 2015

So there was no baptism this week, unfortunately. She wasn’t quite ready. She just felt overwhelmed and that things are moving too fast. Its probably because we started teaching her the big lessons and then she went out of town and came back and had to jump into the smaller and more lifestyle changing lessons, like commandments. Plus, the language barrier probably doesn’t help. She has decent English, but her husband doesn’t speak her native Spanish. But, we talked to her about it last week for a few mins. She actually could’ve been baptized we think if we had more time to speak with her. We told her its normal to have doubts and be overwhelmed. So we've been trying to reassure her and tonight we'll meet with her and hopefully get a date set for this Saturday. Feb 7. We told her to pray about it. She can do it.

So we actually lost contact with Johnny all week this week. It was sad. We knocked every day since he lives in our complex and even when he was home, he wouldn’t answer. We found out today that he has the sky falling on him. He’s gettin kicked out of his apartment, he isn’t gettin paid at work, he has no money. So, that’s why he hasn’t been able to meet with us, makes sense. So when I texted him this morning, I found all that out and tried to comfort him. Told him that the Lord will test those that he loves because he knows they will show faith and become stronger for upcoming trials. He said he feels a little better. He quit smoking cold turkey, yeah, it helped that he was so busy with work and trying to find a new place to live too. Brian, same kind of thing. His life is too crazy right now and we weren’t able to see him this week either.

But, this week was slow and things were rough. Weren’t able to meet with investigators, baptism got postponed and even met some anti people on the streets that hurt my feelings and brought me down. I know it shouldn’t have, but i guess it all kind of hit me, after those mean people, that the week was a bummer. But we didn’t give up. We worked as hard as we could. We found some great people riding around and we might have new investigators this week. But, it would be nice to regroup with the ones we currently have. Eva will probably be baptized this weekend. I’ll know by tonight since were seeing her. I’ll let you know next week!  It could be a great report! Second baptism for me!  But I’m doing good. I’m happy now. Sunday is always a nice fall back. plus today is P day and we might go hit the golf range. We borrowed clubs for our ward mission leader. Then we got a zone activity

We had a great night last night at a fantastic family’s place for dinner. They love the missionaries so much. And, we got to do shut ins for older people who couldn’t leave the house.  So that was a good Sunday to end the week. This week will rock since its my companions last week.  Plus the investigators will be ready to meet with us since we gave them time to figure stuff out and we'll get goin again.

So the first picture I sent is of a kid that we work with at a day care center. The mission expects us to do 10 hours of service a week now and we found this place where we can help kids with school work, play games, sports, read and its a perfect way to fill that. So they accepted us and we've already worked there 3 times! We didn’t get our 10 hours in but were working on gettin into the community library because they said they need volunteers. The second picture I sent is of my crazy watch situation. So the one on the left is the one that i got right before i left. I lost it my first week in this area after basketball! I tried to find it in lost and found and asking around and never could. Finally, last week some elders found it in the cleaning closet here at church! Kinda weird, I didn’t put it there. But since I lost the watch, I decided to buy a clone to replace him and now I have two. Im gonna wear Mark 1 as long as i can. I told myself as i was coming out that I would have it my whole mission. Then, if it gets lost or broken, I’ll still have somewhat of that goal with Mark 2.

Love you tons,
Elder Janz

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