Monday, January 26, 2015

Memorial City, Week 17: January 12, 2015 - January 19, 2015

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Today is P Day. Since yesterday was a holiday, they wanted us to work and move P Day to today. Sorry about the confusion, I didn’t know. But this week was amazing, seriously. Wednesday we went to go see a guy who was pretty promising from an OYM. He actually called us over since he recognized us as servants of the Lord. So, that’s a prayer answered and then we met him talked for a few mins. We found out he has tons of faith already, just wants to learn how he can show it. So, on Wednesday, we went over for our first lesson and things went off the wall. Lesson went great and he told us he wanted to be baptized!! I invited him to be baptized on Jan 31 and his response was that he could do it even sooner. What is this? haha  So then we set the date for Jan 25. We've been working with him almost every day now. But turns out he didn’t come to church this week. One of the baptismal requirements is attending church two times. His girlfriend was sick, so he stayed with her. But I have never met anyone who is so excited to come to church. We found out he also needs to marry his girlfriend since they live together and he needs to stop smoking and coffee. So with all this against him, unfortunately he won’t make Jan 25 but he decided he can make it by Feb 7th.

Business bldg where we dropped off scriptures
 On Thursday, it was pretty funny. We got a referral text from church head quarters saying we needed to drop off a bible to some dude. We looked up the address and It’s actually a massive business, sweet!  So, we figured we would just be Mormon infiltrators and go up to the top of the business, where he’s at, and drop off a Bible. Buuuttt, we looked and didn’t have one on us. I decided just to leave a Book of Mormon instead with a note saying I’d bring the bible tomorrow and that both are true and help us learn about Christ. Sneaky huh? So, that was a first. Going up 8 floors into a nice office building doing missionary work.
Another view
We did not get any new investigators handed off and we still gotta hand ours off. So the street ballers... they’re non members and they come from rough backgrounds. Basketball is their life. The ward just met a few of them and then started the program to help them feel more peace in life but still do what they like. We play every Thursday. I meet new guys every time and grow closer to the ones i see weekly. We taught basketball again that night. That’s goin great. The guys are really warming up and they don’t mind doin the lesson before they hit the court. We actually did one lesson and went to go play and then some guys came in late and bishop told us to teach another lesson to those that came late! So, we went and taught the same lesson again. It was cool.

Friday was slow. We biked all day and nothing was working out. Took a lot of thinking and seeking revelation. But, it finally came. I thought to go see a less active couple that wasn’t home last time we tried. We went over and they answered! Turns out they’ve been living in Columbia for a while so that’s why they haven’t been at church and answering. But we got to know them. They fed us a little and we taught about prayer. They had the nicest house. They have a giant metal horse in their living room.

Saturday, we got in with a guy we OYM'd on New Years Eve. He’s been busy and we’ve been missing him since then. But we finally taught the first lesson and it went super. His name is Brian and he accepted to be baptized as well. The Lord is so merciful and proving his power to all of us. Were just glad we can tag along with his work. People really are prepared out here. So now we have 3 dates. Eva Jensen- she was out of town this week but will be ready Jan 31. Johnny- Saw him a ton. We found out we gotta work through quite a bit, but he can make Feb 7. Brian accepted Feb 7 as well and we need to get to know him through a follow up visit.

It was nuts on Saturday night I got into my first confrontation and sketchy situation. We were about to head in when a drunk old man started talking to us. He told us we needed to dress warmer and he’s been watching us. Turns out Elder Davis has talked to him before, long ago and he did the same thing. Tells us we’re dumb about not dressing warm and then rips on the church. Things got heated as he threatened us and interrogated us about our belief. My companion was gettin all mad and i was just thinking, this is so unnecessary. So when things were bad and he wasn’t letting us go, I just said "we’re going. We got other things to do Sir, have a good night" and then we walked way. It was stupid. I just told Elder Davis let him be. It’s his problem. I know that you, Dad, and the Savior have taught me a valuable lesson. Fighting is ridiculous. Real men walk away. So thank you.

But on another note, twas a good week, good good week. We’re working as hard as we can. We biked a ton yesterday. Gets painful sometimes haha., but its worth it as we've seen. But things are swell out here. Plenty of work to do since the Lord throws it in our lap. I love it. Plus yeah, we get a little service vacation on the side ;)

Love you,
Elder Janz

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