Friday, December 12, 2014

League City, Week 11: December 1, 2014 - December 7, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

Yeah I’ve spent some money... but the cleats were only 5 dollars. You called it. They’re from Walmart. Elder Ve'e doesn’t play guitar. He just knows a few things. Feels weird to be playing again. Man, I kind of stink at playing now, at least the first night I played. I’m better now.  Oh thanks for the package. Ill probably get it at our mission Christmas devotional on the 23rd. We’re going to be all gathered in Sugar Land. I’m excited. It’s an all day thing too.

This week was unique. I went on a exchange, all the way out of the zone. An elder from the area I’m in had to come down to League City to see a family that connected well with him because they’re not doing so good. I went all the way to Richmond on Tuesday. I got paired up with the elder that I stayed with my first night in Houston. So, I was happy to have an elder I already knew and loved. I drove in that area too. But, we biked that first night I got there. It was the coldest night I had felt here yet. We got lost, saw a member who was ill and then biked back to the car. We drove to the house he stayed at and I was flippin out. It’s in a brand new neighborhood and the house was huge. We had a room right by the entry and he showed me around. I thought it was the craziest thing. Couldn’t believe I got to live there for a day. Next morning, we worked out in their workout room and then went out at 10. Again we drove to a certain point and then just biked around. This time it wasn’t as cold but i brought socks to wear as gloves. Some other elder gave me the idea a week ago. That day i biked more than i ever have. We biked the whole day. My bum had some saddle sore. We mostly just tried to find people because they have hardly any investigators. So, we biked all day and saw two members, one in the afternoon and one had us for dinner. While biking, I had a strange feeling that this area would be where I will be transferred. Not just because its super nice and upper class, but it felt like home for some reason. I told Bro Knabel a couple days after at lunch and he said Ill go to Sunnyside, the most slum like area in the mission …yikes, no thanks. But, I could deal with any area. We'll see. Transfers are on the 30th and, ya, I’ll probably get a new area and companion. My companion will most likely stay since his zone leader companion is going home.

Wednesday, we had zone conference in Friendswood. Usually conferences are in Sugar Land, but we got lucky because Friendswood is a lot closer. We had training on teaching repentance by the APs and then by President and his wife on becoming consecrated. It was a really good conference. We learned how we can give our whole heart to the Lord, just like the Savior did when he performed the atonement. We may not like our challenges or duties, but if were consecrated, we understand that it is for our growth and possibly others. Then we face them. We learned that we should never set limits on our work. Never be satisfied completely or think that we’ve already done this much and we can’t do the rest. It was good. I feel the Spirit so strong when President and his wife talk to us.

We met a new investigator this week using the "He Is the Gift" initiative. Did ya'll see the video and website? Her name is Gwen and she is a single sister in her 40’s. We gave her a Christmas card from that and started talking. She told us we could come back and share more. So, later we went back with a member and taught the Restoration. She was confused on and off but she learned by us addressing her concerns. The other investigators are good. Dave and Kacey didn’t come to church unfortunately,  but are hopefully still on for the 20th. Neither Gwen or the other families we work with were there. But, Ashly came and even sat by some new friends. So thankful for their fellowship. Ashley doesn’t like to be social sometimes.

We went to the temple again this week. We went with a recent convert that was taught and baptized in my ward but then moved to another one soon after. We are good friends with him and his wife. The elders for their ward also came and we all crammed into his truck. It was an amazing day there. It was his first time. My comp and I got to be witnesses for some baptisms and even got to confirm his wife and another sister there. That blew my mind and I was so glad that I could do that. We had our ward Christmas party this week too. That was fun. My goal was to meet everyone that I hadn’t talked to or seen before. I’m getting courageous at this now. Then, on Sunday, a new family moved in and I met him in priesthood and his first name is Janson!!!   What the...  So that was super nice I met him, knew I had to. But, things are good. We’re going to help a family move soon.

Love you,
Elder Janz

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