Thursday, December 4, 2014

League City, Week 10: 11/24/14 - 11/30/14

Monday, December 1, 2014

Well my week was terrific. It was: Man vs. First Baptism. That was my highlight. Ashley’s baptism went really well. Way spiritual. Elder Ve'e baptized her. I spoke on the Holy Ghost and she and I cried, haha. Then Sunday I confirmed her and also spoke in church. So, pretty nuts. Ya, I loved it. Dave and Kasey are out of town. We'll see them in a couple days. But, they’re good.

Had a great thanksgiving! Played turkey bowl in the morning, which was 2 hours of football with a bunch of people. I bought cleats for it. I had two meals with members that night, yummy, yummy. It was super funny becuase some elders with us had been to a big meal right before the one with us and they were about to puke and couldn’t walk or stand and they were like walking dead. But, it was just so funny how they tried to be polite but were not doing good at all. We can’t watch tv, so no football or anything on the tv, mother. The ward mission leader, Bro. Knabel is fine. He got out of the hospital on Thursday. Alma Laurie is way cool. Yeah i wanna see her again before i get transferred.

I ummmmmm bought something. It’s a new guitar, Fender acoustic. It’s a way cool style. It’s an older more country design. But. It’s new and plays great. I also was given a cowboy hat, so you can say im stylin'. I got a tie and letters from the ward, that was nice.

My card reader doesn’t work on this computer. It needs to be "formatted",  but I cant do it on this computer apparently.  So i’ll do what i can.

That’s way cool Mason spoke and leaves soon. Time really does fly when you look back like that and realize its December somehow. We have zone conference this week, should be pretty cool. Hey check out It’s a new initiative the church put out for Christmas and it reminds us of how important the Savior is. There’s a sweet video that hits me hard with the spirit every time and there are ton of links to learn other things.

Things are fun out here. I’m doing good, gaining weight and muscle again. Gotta keep it up.  I’m growing up each week. I know that i wouldn’t have fun if it wasn’t for the spirit, obedience or focusing on Christ. These are things we need to enjoy the ups and downs of life.

Love ya,
Elder Janz

Ashley's Baptism day.
Santa hat selfie

Elders strumming some country Christmas Music
Janz' new Fender

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