Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pearland Texas, Week 103: September 6, 2016 - September 11, 2016

September 12, 2016

We had a very interesting week this week. It was good! It was just kind of a tough weekend because a lot of our effort was to get our investigators and also less actives to church this week and no one made it to church unfortunately. We have to reschedule our baptismal dates now. Buts its all good. We did our part and everyone has their own agency so that's just part of the work.

We were able to test our "faith over fear" by talking to  lots of people as we went out and tried tracting. We had some time in the afternoon that we set aside for tracting and we both just had faith if we follow the Spirit and we say what we need to then people will be interested and we will be able to get a lesson or return appointment. We ended up getting tons of contacts of people that said we can come back!! It was awesome. We just had fun out there meeting so many people and being real and sharing our testimony. Tonight were gonna go back and see a couple of the people that we met through tracting. We'll see how it goes.

Austin's kids are going to be at their friends baptism this weekend. We also were able to have a good lesson with Sis. Moser. We taught her the Doctrine of Christ, being: Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End. The lesson went really well and we invited her to come back to church. She really thought about it and wants to come, she just said its hard because her teenage daughters don't ever wanna go. So were gonna try to help her see that its important for her to come even by herself if she can. We're also going to do service for her tomorrow which will be fun.

We also had a way neat experience as we went to go visit a lady named Sis Hyde that Ive talked to a few times. She's a less active sister that likes when we come by. So, we went to her place and right as we are about to knock on the door she opens up! haha We were all surprised. But, the best part is that she told us that things have been really hard for her lately. Her family isn't too well and some are in bad health. We had a lesson and read in the Book of Mormon about Faith in Christ and did what we could to relate things to her. She ended up telling us that she totally thought our visit was inspired because she was needing to hear what we shared with her. Its always humbling for me to hear when people say they are very grateful for us in showing up and needing to hear what we share. Its one of those unique mission joys because we truly are on the Lords errand. I definitely know that missionary or not the Lord puts us in places we need to be when we aim to do what is right.

Love ya!

Elder Deans


hmmm, someone has a Utah Blanket just like me!  #utahfans

A gift from a inactive sister after her trip

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