Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pearland Texas, Week 102: August 29, 2016 - September 5, 2016

September 6, 2016

So we had another fantastic week this week! We were able to see Hope accept baptism! She is going for the 24th of this month. Not quite sure if she'll get there because she didn't make it to church. Buuuuttt, on the bright side, we got her a Children's Book of Mormon because she doesn't read too well and she is way into reading that along side with the actual Book of Mormon. We had a cool lesson with her this week where we just showed her how she could use both of those to understand the story and teachings. We also had a member with us that is gonna take her under her wing and the member is totally stoked to invite her to things and keep in touch with her. Gotta love when you get members and investigators fellow-shipping. So I think she will be baptized, it just might take a little bit of time.

We also had a super cool experience yesterday as we were able to meet with Austin and her kids. We had dinner and a FHE. Austin, being the wonderful convert she is, did a sweet job on putting together a FHE. We played this crazy game which is super funny. Its called Speak Out. You should look it up, But we made the game all repentance and baptism themed and then after that we had a way good lesson for the kids on repentance and baptism and Austin and us taught the kids. I was way proud of Austin because she was teaching the kids how the LDS church and the catholic church do repentance and baptism differently. The kids will probably be baptized in the near future because they also have friends in the ward, one of which is having a baptism next week. So its cool how God has lined everything up so that they had this good lesson and then they will be there for the baptism so i think they will want to do that for themselves after.

Jennifer is doing pretty good! We had a solid lesson with her teaching the plan of salvation and we had a member with us this time. He was able to share his testimony of the creation and the atonement and they loved it. I felt that my companion and I did a good job at following the Spirit and being personal with her in teaching the lesson. I shared how these things have made a huge difference in my life and they help me to have God on my mind more. She is still planning on baptism since we reminded her in the lesson and that was a big relief to hear. She was totally planing on coming to church and then last minute wasn't able to make it. She had a friend staying at her place and the friend wasn't feeling good enough for church so she didn't want her to be alone. I think she will be there next week for sure though. Its awesome to see how she truly wants to. .

Oh, also today, I was totally reminded of something you told me a long time ago over email about how on your mission sometimes people will just bash/argue to waste our time and try to disrupt stuff. We had a run in with that today while we were at the store of all places!! But, I totally did what you said and it got to the point where I told the guy "look, I dont think we will ever come to an agreement. We also need to get some shopping done" After I said that and then it all faded out and we just kept shopping on. I hope it was also a good teaching moment for my companion to learn how to respond to people like that. It seemed like it was.

Love you tons,

Elder Deans

Someone dropped the "f" bomb, so we picked it up so no one would get hurt!

We were very careful with this 'cause we didn't want the "f" bomb to drop again!

You too can play the game "Speak Out"

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