Thursday, August 4, 2016

Pearland Texas, Week 96 07/18/2016 - July 24, 2016

July 25,2016

We had another awesome week!! We had a less active brother named Blackie in church this week!! And he's not black, but hispanic actually, haha. We've been teaching him for quite a while. He's told us multiple times that this was the week he was going to come to church and then things would happen. Last week, his excuse was that he forgot which day it was, haha. That was one of the best "church missing excuses" I've ever heard. But, it was cool because he came and I got to sit by him at church and we had a great time. Also, Austin is back in town and she was in church this week. The best part was that this time she brought her kiddos. They came to church and talked to us for the first time!! That was a huge deal because we had never talked to them. They always were somewhere else. We even got invited over for a dinner with Austin's family. That was the big chance that we had to get to know the kids and help them have a better idea of the church and missionaries. Thankfully the Lord helped us and we had a blast over there. Her daughter at one point said "We should have the missionaries come to dinner more often" That felt nice to hear. They're cute kids. They seemed to like church for the first time as well.

We had a really good day on Friday. I was with one of my zone leaders in my area on exchange and we were able to find some new potential peeps to teach. It was funny because we just said a prayer in the car, before getting out, that we would be able to talk to everyone to find new investigators. We get out and talk about how sometimes it can be tough to talk to literally everyone and sometimes its nerve racking. Then all of a sudden a lady in her car, at the complex we were at, stops and rolls down her window and happily waved her finger for us to come over. We go over and she asked if we were from the Church of Christ. I told her were from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or the Mormon Church. She seemed okay with that and then asked if we believed that Christ had already come to earth and was among us somewhere. We were like "ummm no, thats yet to come. We would know if he was here" I guess she had heard that from some weird church and was curious. Well,we ended up teaching her the the Plan of Salvation since she talked about her husband passing away and then after that she told us to go talk to her sister who lived in that complex because she lives in Alvin. We knocked on her sister's door and lo and behold, she was the same kind of friendly and talkative as her sister and let us in She actually fed us tomales while we talked about how religion played a role in her life. She told us we could come back. Her daughter felt bad that she didnt join in on the conversation and said we could come back and that she would like to talk to us next time too. So that was a super cool hour because we had two lessons back to back and they were so "finding based!!"  ...pumped us up!

I also got to go on exchange with the Spanish Elders in my district this week. It was a good experience that I wasn't expecting because, apparently, an exchange was much needed. They are having serious trouble being happy together and getting along. We talked about it quite a bit and gave him a few "to do's" each day. Tried my best to explain that thats normal, but we need to do all we can to get rid of it because that doesn't just work itself out. He felt a lot better about it afterward and even on the phone last night with him. He said there's been some progress, so that was great to hear. Overall it was a good week and looking back it felt like we did a ton. There's a lot going on. Got to help a member move this week as well, but glad that we were able to just work and work.

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