Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Pearland Texas, Week 94: July 4, 2016 - July 10, 2016

July 11, 2016

We had a really good week this week!! Lots of things that made the week memorable and accomplishing! Thanks for the birthday wishes!! Thank you sooo soooo much for the videos!! They were bomb, i loved them! You guys are champs. I had to fight back tears of missing everyone plus just being so excited to see everyone. That was amazing how everybody was able to pitch in. Thanks for letting them know about it and setting  it up. That was hilarious honestly. I am totally saving that and keeping them forever on a flash drive! It'll be the perfect pick me up when days are tough. So for my birthday this week we didn't quite have any birthday celebration for me. I tried keeping it on the down low. The district heard about it and they sang for me after our district meeting, which was fun. I did a little jig as they sang haha. Then we went and had a good lunch at a fried chicken place.

But this week we were able to get two new investigators!! Their names are Ann and Wilber and its the lady that we originally helped jump her car. We got in the door and we were super intimidated because she had tooonnsss of catholic decorations in her apartment. She had like a 5 foot rosary on the wall! And there were more crosses on tables and on the walls than I have ever seen. So we were a little sketched that she was just catholic and wouldn't handle the invitation to be baptized well and understand the things we were saying. Buutttt, on the bright side, she ended up accepting baptism in the end and we had a really good lesson with her. I think we channeled our fear into powerful teaching and cranked up our faith and the Lord was able to provide and we got way excited. So we're gonna go back tomorrow and see how the prayers and study went for them.

We also had a huge miracle and saw the Flythe family come back to church. They had been taught, even before I was in this area, and the whole time I've been here and this Sunday, they finally made it to church!! It was way exciting to see them walk in the doors that morning. It seriously was like watching a baptism amount of joy for them. Love those guys so much. We're really close to them.

But we taught lots of lessons that day and had some sweet experiences. We had a member feed us dinner and it was cool because usually they do a food pick up and we go eat elsewhere, but we were blessed this time. We were able to go in and have dinner with them and bond and then teach. Things are going incredibly well. I am stoked for this transfer. Thanks for all you guys do. You make me feel like a rockstar.

Love you,

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