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Alvin Texas, Week 59: November 2, 2015 - November 8, 2015

Monday , November 9, 2015

We had a really good week! Things are a little slow, but they picked up this week due to more faith and diligence on our part. We found some new people to teach. That always makes me feel so much better about any problem in my mind. We decided that the Tylers will need a little more time for baptism. The dad, Jason, is totally ready. The kids are the hold up as of right now. They need a little more time to change and get ready for such a big change in their life. It'll come through more lessons and making friends with the ward kids. Keep them in your prayers please. They are so awesome!! We ended up doing personal interviews with all the kids last night to see where they were at as far as confidence and living the gospel. Elder Glover and I talked to Kyrsten, Wyatt and Emily in the backyard,  one by one haha. It went soooo well though. The Lord was right there with us and gave us the words to say because the kids needed a boost to get along with their parents and also to fully nderstand some gospel elements. We felt very blessed with those guys this week even though its sad they wont make baptism this eekend. We will get a new date soon. We are seeing them tonight for FHE at the Flakes house. He's guy who has sent you a picture of me teaching and also of the spider on my head. Should be rockin.

We actually did not pack the church. the other elders did though. We had church at the stake center because it was an area conference and we heard from general authorities and Elder Oaks via satellite. It WAS hard juggling all the different tasks and thoughts but now its a lot easier. Just one of those things that happen with time and grace. We actually found a sweet new investigator named Ashli. She is only 16. Found her by talking to her dad last week and he said she would love to hear us out. Then we went over this week and she came out and talked to us. We taught the restoration on the porch. It went way well,  honestly. Then we visited her the next day at work, which is Sonic. We just said hi and asked if she read. and she did! So that was great stuff.

But we had a super week. Elder glover and I are getting along so well these days. It was kinda rough at first, but now we understand a lot of our differences and it helps us be mature and not wanna get away from one another. So we got the package today!! we really enjoyed it. It was so nice to get all that stuff, especially the bug collars. Glover and I cracked up when we saw that. Classic Alvin problems...  We had something in the apartment biting me every night, haha. Its gone now though. I had it because we're around gross animals all day and bugs get on your clothes and bag I think. I dont know haha. .  The rain???  It actually feels like crazy amounts because water just stands everywhere and the rain is an all day event. We have been somewhat dry, depends on how many people let us in I guess. I think I will be transferred. I said that last transfer, so its just a wait and see type thing. Transfers are every 6 weeks, so its not always the same time in the month since the 6 weeks gets ya into weird places in the month.

Love ya!
Elder Deans

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